Politeness and honesty, courtesy and integrity in the statements - two qualities paradoxically related to each other. Honesty and frankness can hurt, prick our pride, to cause confusion, but upon further reflection find them valuable qualities in relationships with other people, especially in the long run, qualities, sparing our time and respect us as a person.

an Example can be found in the following parable "Cause for gratitude"

"I need money, can you borrow one hundred tomans?" asked one man of his friend.
"I Have money, but I will not give you. Be thankful to me."
the Man said with indignation: "the Fact that you have money and you don't want to give them to me, I, at least, can understand. But what I you for it should be grateful, it is not only unclear, it's just arrogance."
"Dear friend, you asked me for money. I could say: “Come tomorrow.” The next day I would say “I'm sorry, but today I still can't give, come-ka the day after tomorrow”. If you came to see me again, I would say, “Come at the end of the week.” And so I wish you drove : on the nose to the end of the century, or, at least, until then while somebody else would give you money. But you wouldn't have found, because it would only did, what went to me yeah count on my money. Instead, I'll be honest and say that I won't give money. Now you can try your luck somewhere else. So be grateful to me!"

in fact, such honesty is worthy of appreciation, if you think about it. How often do we meet with a polite refusal in the form of promises that feed our hopes and desires, forcing us to be in a kind of illusions?

And only honesty gets us out of this captivity back into reality, allows you to Wake up and solve the problem in another place or another way to go in a different direction.

These illusion are not only and not so much with money as with relationships between people. With relationships, when politeness takes the negative traits of manipulation and deceit, and honesty and truthfulness - the positive traits of openness and respect to another person.

Vladislav Milevsky
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