Met on the road two weary traveler. Stopped and talked.

Smiling Wayfarer first asked Dejected traveler about his life and times: "From distant or countries are you going and where are you going? What such sorrow and concern you to the ground bowed?"

Began his story Dejected traveler from afar.

I Grew up, as "Christ in his bosom." The father was a successful merchant. It was in abundance at my parents'. Nurse-nurses care, the teachers taught me the Sciences and languages. I was very capable and easily studied. Father and mother wanted me to be traded in distant lands. The time came, the father supplied me with everything necessary, and I went on a long journey. Before you buy a vehicle, I carefully and meticulously checked, chose the best and most reliable. Catching up on buying the ship, I met a seasoned sailor, which I really liked! I trusted him to choose the team, which he did with great enthusiasm.

I Shipped an expensive item and sailed to distant countries. This voyage promised more profits, Yes, but rebelled team. The leader of them was that seaman, with whom I became friends.

they Landed me on the island, taking ship with the product.

I was Starving. How to get food? Tried all sorts of plants, almost died from the poison. I didn't know how to find fresh water, how to keep warm.

Already said goodbye to life, but my happiness floated past fisherman's boat.

they Took me aboard, fed, taken to the mainland. Called me to fish with them, but is it my business.

I was Left without money, without help. Very confused. Took me a simple woman. I got stronger and went home, although she asked me to stay.

now the eyes of my father-father will show up? – I finished the story of the Dejected traveler.

- I have a different story - he began his story Smiling stranger. My parents were poor, and children in the family were four. Day and night my parents worked and we kids doing homework, going outside. Neither caresses nor attention can't remember if I from parents. I have learned to cope with any work. It was useful to me when I went around the world to look for happiness. The cunning and ingenuity I could get out of various dangerous situations in childhood. It was useful to me in strange cities, when they met evil people. I know how to distinguish a liar from an honest man, a flatterer and a scoundrel on whom you can rely on. Nobody managed to fool me.

I Know how to be grateful even for a small because it is small it is sometimes more valuable than any gold.

I Met a woman who helped her to fix the house, garden to plant, and left to live with her, raise children. And now there are parents to visit, to share what I have! – finished his story the traveler Smiling and saying goodbye, stomping on the ground, went to his side.

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Vasilaki Irina
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