a Personal story about psychodrama.

In the case I got accidentally. Friends said: “You like it, go!”. And I went. Found the nearest group, which started in two weeks. And came to see. Since I'm a sarcastic person, with the host agreed, if I don't like it, then I'll leave. The first meeting was approval and love. I was the first protagonist in this group, I still remember his work ).

after that I fell in love with the method of psychodrama.

Basic principle of psychodrama “show”.

I badly know how to explain your condition, to understand their feelings and talking about them. Generally speaking for the audience, even 10 people, it is difficult for me. It is much easier to show in silence, without words. Therefore, the principle of “show” I fell in love immediately.

the Show — is about the body, about space.
When using the movement, the pose, the location of objects and people in space can demonstrate its internal state. Through action you can understand their feelings, identify and name them: anger, joy, irritation, sadness, fear, disgust, delight, affection.

Second love — is a technique of psychodrama “mirror”.
When I step back and look from the side that was built of people, objects and understand the meaning of what was built.

“Move”, “rise above the situation” — the familiar advice from others. They say: ‘turn on the mind” — equipment ‘mirror" enables it.

this cocktail: movement, meaning, feelings — I was looking for.

Third love — the materialization or presentation.
Imagine you are planning a permutation in the apartment. And instead of drawing on paper options, paint them in the head. After ten seconds this mental work head boils, because you need to keep in mind the room size, furniture, ergonomics, functionality, beauty and style.
and Also with the inner world, when you cast him on stage in the roles, the characters acquire the feelings, desires, motives, actions. You clearly see the chain of internal processes starts stirring your external event.

So this method became mine. And now, five and a half years, I study and work in it.

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