A proven tool for the replenishment of the family budget


Recommended to observe the following practical steps that is guaranteed to help You keep in good shape your family finances.

1), the standard regularity

Start with the development of step-by-step plan of action to strengthen their financial well-being.

the Plan should include the following areas:

  • the Growth of income at the main workplace (You don't raise wages? Change job, improve your skills, move to regions with higher wages);
  • Increase the difference between its revenues and expenses, learn the skill of saving and setting aside money (because without this it is impossible investing);
  • Investments (regular savings investment is made in various financial instruments and asset acquisition);
note. Work with money in this direction needs to be constant, though not on such a scale. From a single, albeit large, of deposits-investments-savings will be negligible sense. After all, constantly make them fail. Such actions can lead to the disruption and kickbacks to their former positions (to excess spending, squandering, lack of "financial cushion" of assets). It's kind of on a strict diet. Perhaps after her and there will be weight loss, but after weight gone will return, and bring with them many "prisoners" pounds.

2) Invest the time.

If you regularly pay your personal/family finances attention (spend time), it means that you invest the time (and no spend).

the Right investment of your time also bring a very substantial income.

what to invest time in the area of family Finance:

  1. building a financial plan for month, quarter, year, five years.
  2. Tracking execution of the plan (and, if necessary, adjustment of expenses and financial goals).
note. Monthly start saving 10% of their regular income, and 50% of the unplanned. Already only one it's a simple, but regular action with their money will help create the first "fortification" of your family – the so-called "financial pillow". It will protect you from the unexpected force majeure in the form of sudden deprivation of work, major equipment failure, illness or aggravation of crisis phenomena in the economy).

3) Laying the Foundation of a stable financial well-being of his family.

If you only occasionally will remember about the need for proper treatment with their money, then the result will be.

a Single, random actions will not lead to anything good.

Rather the opposite. In this case, You will have frustration and a strong belief that you will be able to establish your financial life.

note. To avoid such setbacks and return to the old careless financial habits, make arrangements with your family members about what the next 3 months You will strictly adhere to the plan (and only after the expiration of this time, you can make any changes to the plan).


Starting to take care of their money, you will soon realize that to create financial prosperity for their families – this is not such a difficult task.

Stuart McPhee
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