there was in ancient times the man who was shipwrecked on a desert island, and his name was Thomas. The life he had before this nervous, filled with stress and conflict. On the island was safe, satisfying, but lonely. Once they started to emerge from the past, different memories, images, thoughts, emotions. Most of them were unpleasant to Thomas, he passionately wanted to get rid of, but did not know how. At this time, washed ashore a wooden chest, in which there was only one book. He began to study and apply to their psychological problems – and that's what happened...

(a couple of days before the findings)

...Watching our hero of the natural surroundings, not noticing her beauty. Around him imagined beasts, poisonous spiders and snakes. If somewhere in the body of a little prick or zacheshetsya, he saw in this the last days of its existence.

Imagination not a joke was played, he imagined the paintings in which the tsunami wave washed his tiny body with the surface of the land. Fantasy about himself was about as worthless miserable, lost creature.

Thomas Remembered a similar situation when life hung in the balance when he was beaten childhood parents and then peers. Lots of situations pop up that brought the pain.

From the flood of ideas and memories, he felt depressed, with all possible force was trying to keep sitting deep in fear, covering his resentment at all the existence.

Sometimes rolled wild activity and he aimlessly walked back and forth, frantically looking around.

the Thought crossed my mind at the speed of light, like photons, without slowing down their movement. There were hundreds and thousands, many voices, the dominant of which kept saying, "You messed up, you're dead, life is pain, you yourself are to blame".

One day, Thomas discovered a treasured chest and there was a book on logic. Boring, he thought, and put the booklet. As time went on. One day, after lunch, the sweet fruit that grew on the island in abundance, he found the strength to read the logic. The book says that each concept must be defined, contradictions eliminated, and any judgment should be reasonably enough. And it became interesting to it.

When read, Thomas decided that it will assess everything that is happening in his mind, using the tools of formal logic. And it went...

Logic and Perception

– "do I Perceive correctly the world and yourself? After all, what is the correct perception and that is not a correct perception? Wrong perception of perceived reality for what it is. What is it? Unless I come across here snakes and spiders? No. Unless I'm really sick and am sick? No, I feel fine, and all the time stay, I was not threatened. So I have no reason to see something that does not exist. And the facts indicate, on the safety of this place." So by clearing your perception through logical thinking, he began to look at the sea and waves his very inspired.

Logic and Presentation

Imagination not so tormented him, how to exercise with the perception, but still, the idea of themselves as worthless remained. Then Thomas started to work with the presentation logically. Imagination was such a picture – a lonely crippled Thomas, useless, dug his own grave on the island. Is it logical? Do you base it on facts, or on a solid fantasy? He gradually began to lead imagination to the logical mind. He introduced that no one on the planet, and it is likely looking for. So the picture of loneliness is not quite true, and generally it relates only to that moment, because it can find tomorrow. Times looking for him, so he is not useless, moreover, he had family, friends, and employees that depended on him. Dig your own grave – what is the point in this fantasy? Rather, make an effort to build a ship more interesting. And the grave can wait. Thus, after carrying out logical procedures in his imagination, he got a new way – Thomas that you're looking for, who I miss a lot of people building a fine ship. He was even better, like the Muse of optimism settled in his soul.

Logic and Memories

then Asked himself, our hero: – "Why these memories I recall? Wasn't it good"? Of course he was! And he began to remember only all the good things he had. Joy grew, because such a wonderful life, so many experiences and adventures experienced! And those memories of the bad that still visited him, he decided to revise for consistency. It turned out that beat his kid, not because I didn't and that he grew up a good man. He realized that the parents were afraid for him, and they were not perfect teachers, and all people make mistakes. Making the appropriate conclusions from conflict situations, he became calm, and a bad situation has ceased to surface from memory.

Logic and Emotion

Thomas argued: – "why do we need emotions?" And came to the conclusion, in order to Express them. They are like an indicator of what is happening in the body and the psyche, and they are important signals to other people.

"Why did I forbid myself to Express them? I feel fear, but keep it. Feel angry, but not yelling at full throat. It's not logical."

And as the island was no one who would look askance and condemn him for his openness in emotions and feelings, he began to Express them. Sincerely, totally. And with each manifestation he felt the growing fullness of being.

Logic and Behavior

"Why my body is acting out is acting, not related to the result that I need? I need a house, and I turn over the stones in a kind of trance. The body needs a diet food, and I eat everything and throwing trash. It's not logical."

And he realized that the behavior should be more conscious, began to coordinate with the rhythms of nature, were going to get up on the sun, doing useful exercise, stop doing things that could harm.

Logic Thinking

the Very thinking, during the work he began is being sorted. He became capable of greater concentration on the object of thought, learned to handle large volumes of information without feeling mental fatigue.

Then Thomas began to understand what is in his mind the "picture of the world", how it works, according to his worldview, and that this "picture" to support the thoughts and deep installation, earliest childhood beliefs, which he never understood.

mostly it was the ideas expressed by the words of his father, the essence of which was non-constructive criticism. The outer critic is the father embedded in his inner world so tightly that he had not even separated their thoughts from others, and did not understand that it was a belief not his own.

Thomas started to change those beliefs, using the laws of logic.

among them Was this belief: "You must endure, men do not cry."

the Logical analysis showed that "you should" contradicts the "I want".

– "Or I must do as I say, or I want to do what I decided. The third is not given. Then where did this debt, I loans are not held, but somehow must. So don't have to. Once I have their desires, and they contradict other people's "needs", I now choose to follow our own desires! This is my new solution! If I want to endure, then tolerate, then don't suffer."

the Second part of the belief "men don't cry" is also could not withstand logic.

"Men is a generalization. Men are different ages, different nationalities, ideological belief, education, etc. in Other words, it is not a concrete concept of telling who is really mean. A man in war is one thing, a man who has died a close relative is another. That is, no context, place and time, which could make the judgment "men don't cry" is true. Then, do absolutely everything men have been checked, and they never cried? For example, I've seen Champions in battle who shed tears after the victory. Consequently, a man can cry if he wants it."

the New belief lodged in the mind of Thomas. After that, he even relaxed physically, and felt happier. Soon after him came search the ship, Thomas was saved, but to this day all of his friends are surprised joy and happiness settled in him after a shipwreck.

So useful that science, logic!

From my book "Cinetology: synthesis of psychology and logic"

the Original article on my website: Psychology GOOD!

Ilya Arkhipov
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