There is an opinion that psychologists are not born, psychologists become. Just someone harder to blend in, someone easier. When I trained at your institution, one of our teachers-family-practicing psychologist, talked about the fact that the psychologist must feel. The most important thing. And in the institution where he studied from about 25 people, one of their teachers said that only two of their group will be psychologists, not just people with an education psychologist. Because they know how to feel.

I can't help feeling, apparently taken my thinking and logic, as it is here and so feel. What if it's just interpretation. And to my question "And how to distinguish the interpretation in the mind of the actual feeling of the client?", said that I myself feel. And, in General, had a tendency not to respond directly to their customers, and advised us, he and our questions were answered as well. Kind of says something, and you do not know where in this response response.

before obtaining the skills of a psychologist, I often tended to their own interpretations and were sometimes accused people that they are not saying what they do in my head. And their personal beliefs on any issue placed above them and feels right. Later, I realized my mistakes and tried to ask again once again, true to my idea or not. Even if one is disingenuous, he is entitled to it and bring it to clean water does not make sense(if it's not a client and this requires therapy).

whether there are "fake" psychologists, psychologists are not able to feel?

the Issue is quite delicate and any part in this matter. There is no detector that would check how this man can be a psychologist. Although, I wonder if there are psychologists who absolutely do not act professionally in many issues with our projections, giving her advice. And not bad earns and is considered not bad by specialists in their field. And there are those who owing to any reasons, just don't raise the bar, though act according to the rules, as required by professional ethics. But fend and suffering from lack of constant flow of customers. Sometimes these are doctors who really can't and the knowledge they have as the lid on the teapot. Nevertheless, in the case it is immediately proschatsya and trash there most likely will not work.

most Importantly, I believe that if the expert somehow making money is not quite correct from the point of view of psychological ethics, the important thing is that it is not marred thereby the very psychology. And understand that the more popular a person is, the more authoritative you become and how his words and attitude to the psychology of these people. Sad to hear someone pass the word of a psychologist that is either talking nonsense, in their opinion, either handing out tips and it's all telling others, created a specific template for all the psychologists and all the psychology in General.

So I even am glad that psychologists are becoming more. More psychologists — more education — more clients — the world is filled up by psychologically healthy people and all this comes progression.

Yeah, maybe someone from the mastodons do not like the dominance of psychologists and what their stamp on retraining like hot cakes(now to become a psychologist on the basis of higher, almost in each city for a period of from six to eighteen months) and you are going short(in contrast to teaching at the University full) may call yourself a Psychologist!

And thus creating greater competition amongst psychologists, but nevertheless, it is possible to proceed from different motives and beliefs in your head.I love the words Tolokonina responding to the question — "and are you afraid of competition?" Replied that — "in my world, a lot of customers."That does not prevent him to put 50K for the advice. It would seem that for this money it is possible to have a complete psychotherapeutic therapy or even hypnotherapy for less money and to solve all problems(maybe) have good specialists in this field. But as they say, to each his own.

Summing up the findings, I would like to ask colleagues. Do you feel that there is indeed a natural-born psychologists or is it just pumping skills and empathic attunement with the client? And are you afraid of competition due to the fact that psychologists are becoming more and you will not kept pace with the progress happening in psychology, and you take away the customers fresh faces?

Daniyar Nugmanov
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