Endless vanity suddenly ended and there was a dull - Bank holidays! What to do in the holidays?
Olivier eaten, champagne drank! Feel sad!
Waiting, anticipating, hoping. Wait...

What to do? How much can you relax? From this stay even more tired.

Remember that rest is change of activity!

What kind of activities should we do?!

1️⃣ Cleaning!
Rush to break your stereotypes. Make something reach. Order in the wardrobe, a bookcase in the garage, in a box with miscellaneous stuff. Grate the crystal, wash the curtains, clean the saucepan. Place your order in the documents on the computer desktop.
You will be surprised, but it will give huge relief and give a lot of pleasant emotions. The more these imperfections will not bother you.

I'm Sure there's something I need to buy, but since it's not urgent, postponed for later. "Later" has come, time! The shops are not crowded, not empty Parking lots, the time has come!
Replace the old table cloth, buy new wine glasses, maybe you have run out of thread or broke a garland for the Christmas tree.

3️⃣ photo Shoot!
Make a family photo session until all house. In the photo Studio,on the street,at home.With the photographer themselves or, more importantly, that'd be fun!

4️⃣ Photos, videos!
Print the most important photos over the past year, to buy them a frame,an album or make a photo book. Mount or order a memory video with the most important moments and events in the past year.

5️⃣ Books!
It's time to read a book that is waiting for you and misses! Make a list or download the books you plan to read in the new year!

6️⃣ Movies!
of Course in the cinema, a lot of new year the Prime Minister, but even more those films that I wanted to see but did not, there was no time! View your favorite cartoons! And when was the last time you watched a family photo?! And the video?!
Give yourself happy moments again!

7️⃣ Sports and walking!
Fitness, skiing, skating, ride on the tubing! Fortunately now any sports equipment to rent! For thrill-seekers there's the snowboarding and skiing! And, of course, Hiking around the city, the Park and the Christmas trees!!!

8️⃣ Hobby !
make time for a hobby - embroidery, knitting, cooking,books, photo editing, video editing.

9️⃣ Training!
Today so many different courses , I don't know where to start. They are offline, online, recording, and maybe you are ready to share their skills your loved one. Go!
speed reading, foreign language, photo courses, knitting, singing, feistiness, massage and many modern programs for PC and phone

🔟 Plans!
of Course plans for next year. Write whatever you want , as you want, and how much TIME you want! Describe any areas of your life!
Work, finances, education, relationships, development and personal growth!

Well, I guess that's enough! Now not bored?
Write in the comments what you'll be doing in the near future? Recommend me what else can you do during the holidays?

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