A selection of books on child psychology: recommendations for the practicing psychologist


Dear parents!🌸 I invite you to read some books about motherhood that I think are worthy to be read.

have a lot of them free on the Internet. I hope in this set of literature you can find something interesting for yourself and to ease their parent's life☺

🆘Recommend reading these books:

✅all caring parents;

✅those who want to improve relationships with their children;

✅learn to not only listen, but hear;

✅and, most importantly, to get rid of painful feelings of guilt.

1⃣One of the most useful books - D., Psychotherapist "Conversation with parents". From this book you will learn about this concept as "good enough mother", which can significantly ease your life.

2⃣ I. Mladic "Book for imperfect parents or life on a free theme". Recognized domestic psychologist about difficult things in simple language. Great all perfectionists.

3⃣ A. Faber and E. Mazlish - a series of books about problems with children (school, relationships, siblings, etc.). As stated in the annotation of these books "all parents should have these books." Start reading the book, the theme of which for you now on the 1st place;

4⃣ L. Petranovskaya "secret base: attachment in a child's life". The book is about the most important relationships in life: relationship with mother;

5⃣ Yu simultaneously "to Communicate with the child. How?". The famous Russian psychologist offers to use the technique of active listening. How? Read in the book of the author;

6⃣ A. Bykova "the Big book "lazy mom." Building relationships with your child: from control to autonomy;

7⃣ F. Dolto " On the side of the child." I recommend reading "advanced" mothers who have completed more than one book on child psychology, as the "language" of presentation may seem daunting.

📚 In the following articles I will write about books on adolescent psychology and about the books that you can read with the children. To be continued..☺

Put a ❤, if the post was interesting. Your reviews inspire me.

⌨ Share in the comments with other parents what books on child psychology you have read, what you like➡

Goreva Maria
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