A simple way to make an important decision


If you find it difficult to take some important decision, try, use the simple but very effective cognitive behavioral technique that not only facilitates the process of reflection, but also ensures the most optimal results. This strategy is designed for the long term, universal and suitable for solving the most complex and important situations such as changing jobs, choosing a spouse is a major acquisition, investment and many more...

most people usually make decisions? Often the choice is between two options: Yes or no. For example, reflecting on the question about buying a new car, in contradiction to the idea of high price of the car and the desire to increase their own prestige and status. As a rule, thinking is haphazard, deeply conceptualized separate the arguments and assumptions which do not allow to see the whole picture. To complicate the situation and the lack of conscious purpose. Why you need a car? In order to increase mobility, to be cooler than a colleague to enhance attractiveness to the opposite sex? For each goal there is an optimal solution.

a psychiatrist Eugene streletskoye offers to come up with at least five solutions to problems and present them in table form (table 1). During the work above the table, the brain begins to use a greater number of neural networks, activates creativity and a chance to make the most effective decision. 

table 1. Example variable table

to Buy a new car, sell the old one (A)Leave the old machine (B)Leave the old machine and buy a new one (A+B)to Sell a car, to travel by public transport (0)to Buy a minivan (In)

Subjective cons: 


Used to the old machine;

the Purchase takes a lot of time, laziness.


Subjective pros: 

Cool driving around in a new car.

Immediately offer to drive Tanya home.

get out of comfort zone, start active actions.


Objective cons: 

High price

Warranty is not given to all the details.

the Additional cost of insurance.


Objective advantages:

 only after 3 years;

Warranty service


    Aim: to Reduce the cost of car maintenance

Five of the solutions can be represented in the form of the General formula: the solution can be displaced in the direction of the first option - A (example - buying a new car), second - (to leave the old car), any of these options -0 (sell old car, don't buy anything in return), the two immediately - And + In (keep the old car and buy a new one) or the third option (buy a van).

then under the table clearly formulated goal is that you want to get for myself as a result. She's usually emotionally charged and needs to correspond to the leading needs. If multiple targets, then recorded the highest priority.

Then begins the detailed study alternatives. For example, the first column is filled. First, for each of them are determined by subjective cons, based on personal experiences, i.e. the need to determine what this solution does not suit you personally. Then you should look for subjective pros that this option will please your heart. Further determined by objective advantages and disadvantages, they are rational and not emotional coloring. This approach is the best, as it takes into account not only rational factors but also personal attitude to the proposed solution. 

Working with the table, the person usually knows and feels where no special efforts are objective and subjective advantages. Most likely, this will be the best solution. But don't hurry! After filling in the table it is necessary to give "lie down". At this time brain in the background, evaluates, compares and ranks all the options, all the ideas of the unconscious sphere pass into the conscious. After some time there is awareness and a strong belief in the correctness of one of the options.

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