Each person in a given situation may feel inadequate and lost for some time confidence in their abilities and gaining a sense of inferiority. He may feel crushed by life's difficulties and not able to cope with them alone. Then the person turns to family, friends, familiar, unfamiliar, and sometimes complete strangers for help or support. All these people represent a society, which greatly helps a person to overcome their sense of inferiority, and to cope with difficulties.

A. Adler writes that "the feeling of inferiority occurs due to poor social adaptation". social adaptation just refers to a person's ability to actively adapt to the social environment and its ability to interact with society.

Sometimes you can see that the inability to easily overcome difficulties makes a person impatient. And if we see someone who constantly fusses, accompanying their actions with a storm of emotions, we can safely conclude that he had strong feelings of inferiority. (A. Adler)

If a person is confident in their ability to overcome difficulties, he will be patient and ready for any occasion.

Usually, any new situation in life is causing difficulties and overcoming them has a direct relationship to how he developed a sense of community. If the person is well adapted to the new situation "mastered" them quite well, and he copes with that at the time a sense of inferiority.

In children the symptoms of severe feelings of inferiority are manifested as arrogance, impatience, pugnacity.

Roma was not a stupid boy of small stature, even more precisely, he was the smallest in the class. However, communication with classmates and other peers it has provided a short temper and some kind of aggressive pugnacity, which was apparent with or without him. He beat not only boys but also girls: not suggested Roma when he was at the Board, laughed to Roma for unknown reason, gave to write off, etc., as Roma suffered in the class two or three years, and then transferred to a parallel class.

If a person never learned to cope with his feeling of inferiority, arrogance, inadequate assessment of the actual conditions, impatience will remain characteristic of him and in adult life.

Stas 31. He came to the big city to make a career of the artist. Friends and acquaintances often told him that he had talent in this business. Stas really easy feels when they are in the spotlight, he likes to perform on stage. He has a pleasant appearance, emotional speech, a good sense of humor and good communication skills. Lack of education, skills and any experience in the area in which Stas was going to succeed, does not bother him. First invitations to the party Central Committee received immediately after a statement about yourself, inspired the Stas, but it quickly became clear that some capabilities are not enough, and for long marathon in such a highly competitive environment Stas was not ready.

the hallmark of a strong sense of inferiority is also a statement like: "Yes, but." For example: "I would have been able to jump like this guy, but.." or "I would not worse, and even better job, but...".

As children, people with a strong sense of inferiority to avoid stronger people. For the circle, he will look for those who are weaker, who allows a control, and among whom he can feel superior.

In certain areas of life a person can feel quite confident: at work, in the circle of relatives. However, in relations with the opposite sex he can feel the stiffness, the uncertainty that one will talk about available here a sense of inferiority.

Svetlana young pretty slender brunette. She dresses nice and has a decent job where she is appreciated. She has a good relationship with all family members. But with men she feels insecure. It seems that she is not interesting and unattractive. As a result, Svetlana's suffering, though, and puts up with the behavior of a young man, who said he sees her as his future wife (she really is perfect for this role), and the parallel spends time with another girl.

How can we help people with a strong sense of inferiority?

For them. support and criticized. The condemnation of selected human behaviors can only aggravate the situation, reinforcing his belief that he's not good enough. The task is to encourage him that he alone can confront difficulties and resolve their problems in life, drawing strengths. It is important,tocity person from installing it eternal doubt, and to convince him to believe in himself.

Kytmanovo Natalia
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