This article is a continuation of the series "Amazon".

Women are able to survive alone or with children, so inherent nature, that a woman well-versed in the material space of the world. Moreover, the role of "mother" the woman essentially filled with active (masculine) energies involves simultaneously three male archetypal roles: provider, protector, and scout, in its essence, and fills a woman with power. Feeling this power inside of me, a woman immersed in the ego, maybe not consciously begin to displace man from the space of his own life.Therefore, it is often after the child's birth family is falling apart.

the Power of motherhood is reasonable when the mother in the father's absence is related to its self-realization in society, is able to perform simultaneously the functions of both the father and mother, clearly aware of the time that it is going to be strong. In all good measure. And do it the woman is psychologically Mature, which is qualitatively lived through all age stages of development-mental, physical.

Excessive exposure to the active energies not useful for women. she just unlearn their basic energy-passive and will start a conflict between the physical and mental energies. The female body will be forced to sync with men's mental energies, but it's really a little a priori that can serve as a "fertile" ground for the development of various diseases. Usually first begins to suffer reproductive and sexual sphere. And the more time women stayed in her unusual nature energies, the less chance to recover later.

let us now Consider another version of the power woman. This is when a woman (physical age), which hung in the "psychological age" -the girl-Amazon. How often are the options:

- When, in this age, is a violation of the interaction with dad for various reasons (deviant pattern of behavior of the father, parental divorce, etc.) and for that reason, the girl lived qualitatively their active energy and she rejects them as a part of the father. Rejecting anything we actually strengthen it in yourself.
- When the relationship with his father was like a "daughter-your guy for father" and represents the emotional dependence. Daddy is ideal for my daughter and she unconsciously copies his and his program's interaction with the world. Daddy's girl is often a son and does not go into the space of the possessions of mom in puberty, thereby blocking the development of the passive female energies.
- When puberty daughter the relationship between mother escalated so much that the interaction is completely broken and the girl is completely denying the passive female energy, because they are clearly associated inside it with the image of his mother. "I don't want to be like mother"-the installation which works as the motto remain unchanged=to hang out in the already developed of male energies. Often the girl spends many years on self-realization in the world in order to "prove mom" that she's good and deserves the love of a mother, becoming in this way a very strong.

Variants in the reality of life of course more.

a Strong woman is a woman dominated by the active male energy. As a rule, it draws into your life a man with identical problems: not worked with the female passive energies (traumatized Anime), which do not allow one to qualitatively understand the active male energy and regain virility. A strong woman attracted to a weak man not because opposites attract, and that is because they are inherently like- "stuck in a psychological age" -child. This often is the cause of bad family relations. Unfortunately this is a very common situation in the post-Soviet space. So you can often see how the woman is talking about what all men are weaklings, cowards, mattresses, etc. Alas, we always deserve those partners who are close to us, whether we like it or not, but it is reality. Makes no sense to blame men, if the meaning is to look initially to itself and to its active essence. Allow yourself to be a woman, then there will be the opportunity to meet a strong man.

Just remember that your life is the way of love!

Cozy and warm winter!!

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