A systemic approach to therapy


Very often come to the session people who clearly feel disharmonious, but cannot clearly define, in what sphere there is a problem or situation that interfere with living a full life. But this system approach can be applied when working with a specific request for the selection of methods of influencing the client to achieve greater efficiency.

Man, one way or another the system the creation of which itself constitutes a set of systems, and included in the global system in which he lives and interacts with itself and with the world around him.

According to the laws of system functioning and the human psyche as constantly changing, dynamic system, which sensitively reacts to any stimulus or any directed action.

People in its functioning affects four major systems: space, time, energy, and information. Each system is divided into internal and external manifestation of the human psyche. What is this quartel and how it helps in identifying the request from the client?

Space is something that people constantly interact, what surrounds us and what we constantly interact, it is as certain actions and movements that a person performs to achieve a specific task.

Time – simultaneously abstract and very precise definition, since the beginning of time and ends man defines himself. This is the so-called "here and now" that so often like to use in their approach of many psychotherapists. It is the ability of a person to determine their place in an abstract time interval.

Energy is the most interesting of the components of the system, it's a loaded promise, emotional reaction, the response to impact. The energy in this system is used as an energy battery to recharge the entire system. It is a resource for life and for further interaction with system components.

– the name speaks for itself, it's the information flow that surrounds us, it is our thoughts that may not be ours, but due to the nature of the perceived as their own.

All of today well-known approaches in psychology and psychotherapy, its methods of impact fit this definition. And most interestingly, each method systematically affects all components, thereby producing the same therapeutic effect.

Very often customers request affects one of the system components, which knocks down the entire system and affects the harmonious existence and implementation. Well as a variety of injuries and problems exist at the junction of the components, such as the inability to perceive and identify emotions (energy and information), etc.

If you capture the essence of each structural unit of the system, clearly exploring specific techniques of each, it is possible to very accurately determine in which part of the system fails. What to do if we have identified the problem? First- for the therapeutic effect, as mentioned above, we use a systematic approach, i.e. the impact on all components and systems. To start is not immediately problematic component of the system, take for example the inability to stay in reality, he always hangs in my mind (component information) as well as blocking the next components of time and space. That is, we start with what the problem here is that human need to get out of their minds and the first to return it in time, "here and now" for example, using CBT or Gestalt therapy, which is also good considering the energy component, helping to nourish human resources lost. And after that, go to the interaction space, using for example bodily practices to work. Secondly, to direct zatsikleno on a system component, as in the example, the benefit of therapy using more emphasis on change of mindset and using it to benefit the entire system, interacting with the energy component. That is, the complex we get a thorough study of human and system interactions that helps to remove the disharmony that interferes with the normal flow of life.

Shkuropat Tatiana
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