the First impression of the person consists not in his clothes, as is commonly believed. First and foremost, we perceive the emotions and feelings of the interlocutor. It happens unconsciously and intuitively, and the signals are only slightly perceptible, as if feel skin. But in the first 4 seconds we have formed a certain image: pleasant to us or not, how it is configured, is he confident in himself, maybe afraid of something.

Often we don't even understand why it is so perceived by man, he has done nothing wrong and is unpleasant to us. Or Vice versa, not even talking, and we want to deal with him.

many times I experimented when I went to the offices of various state agencies with an inner conviction that I am the most peace-loving and pleasant person in the world. And it's amazing how the sad faces of office workers suddenly brightened, they bowed in my direction, turned the trunk of the body, etc. and of Course such visits were always a success.

Or here, proven many times, when we sit in public transport, and mentally put on a mask already paid for the fare of a person. Surprisingly, but almost always it's worked in my student years))).

But it is only the experiments that prove a hypothesis that the first we always read the emotion, the inner state of a person.

And you want to know how you perceive other people, when you are wearing no masks when you are real?

Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Your appearance, behavior, habits and actions you can easily judge your attitude. And that's the attitude we always translate to others.

We do not love ourselves? Then we will be very difficult to prove to others that we are worthy of their attention and love. If we are not interested yourself, then why should we be interested in another?

people began to think of you better than they think now, you need to first begin to relate better to itself.

Think about what you are lacking to broadcast to the world the state of fullness, of certainty, of passion, what prevents you to buy it right now?

Work on the need to develop and get rid of extra, then people will perceive you exactly as you want it.

But if you don't know how to break up with your insults for yourself, you can't fill with lightness and love, the burden of problems and experiences are drawn to the bottom, then join our group VK "Women's path to fullness and abundance" and find these States with us.

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