Phone call.

KL: hi, my baby is many months not eating meat.

Me: Hmm... How old is the child?

KL: 23 years

Me: Hmmm... And do you see a psychologist?

KL: You might have to convince him that vegetarianism is harmful?

Me: Unlikely. The only thing I see its potential assistance is in the ability to organize your dialogue, to mediate. Give You child the opportunity to hear each other.

Summary: After this call I was sad.

My sincere belief is that in the 23 man chooses his beliefs, he cares about his health and so For me 23 – not a kid anymore.

Yes, I understand the feelings a parent – a desire to be taken care of, the anxiety over the future of a son or daughter, a sincere love.

I, as a psychologist, I can't change the person who not want to change. Neither the order of the parents or by order of a spouse.

I think the right way is communication with loved ones, conversation "heart to heart", an expression of your love and care. acceptance of loved ones as they wanna be. This is probably the most difficult.

And in this I represent the participation and the support of a psychologist. Contact.

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