One of the conditions of happy family life – the trust relationship between spouses. Why is it so important?

When against trust, there is no certainty that the spouse will come to the rescue in a difficult situation that will not betray, will not change, and the feelings of love, friendship, gratitude and couples are gradually starting to fade… After all, anyone important to feel needed and loved for the loved one.

What to do to preserve the trust, and to restore the fading trust in the relationship?

* Be honest with each other. do Not lie, do not Dodge. Tell it like it is, that bothers you, or if something is not satisfied. But not reproach, do not detract from, and consulting with husband how to resolve the problem.

* Remove the taboo on any topic of conversation. There is nothing that you are ashamed to discuss: neither the sexual nor the subject of raising children, nor the subject of relations with relatives, nothing…

* Tell each other about their desires, dreams, about what gifts you want to receive from each other (how else will partner know?), that love, and that is not love.

* Be friendly with each other, attentive and caring. Ask a loved one (th) that his (her) care if noticed the sad eyes, bad mood, be involved, offer your support (but do not impose, if the partner has shown that he doesn't want to talk about it).

* Try not to hurt each other even in jest, watch his speech, with jokes that can be quite funny another, even a loved one.

* do Not skimp on compliments, each man is nice to know that he appreciate, love and cherish them.

* Get the total budget that all income and expenses in the family was “transparent” when no one is hiding and not hiding from each other, all payments and major purchases planned.

© Elena and Alexander, Bazanchuk, psychologists-psychotherapists, neuropsychologists, Psychological Studio "LOST":

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