A vest from injury...


the Vest from injuries…

Notes of a psychologist.

the Eyes are the mirror of the Soul. In the process of therapy I have maintained with the client not only verbal contact, but visual…. And, you know, eye contact is one of the most physical contact, in the eyes of their clients, I read the story of their childhood, their early traumas of betrayal, humiliation…In consequence of injury wear masks:

1. Rejection: the body is narrow, small, weak muscle tone, can be anorexia, escapes into spiritual things. Glance to nowhere. The fleeing behavior. I want to disappear, to evaporate. Maybe as compensation the bright appearance, or, conversely, the ‘grey mouse”.

It: “I am sick of… No one, nothing, disappear, not exist…”.

Mask: Fugitive

2. Abandonment issues: body narrow, talking about independence.

It: “One… I throw… Missing… I can't stand… They don't depend on me…”.

Mask : Dependent.


3. Humiliation: the fear of freedom. The experience of shame, humiliation, shame, feelings that he is unworthy.

It: “Unworthy… Thick… Disgusting… Dirty… I'm busy…”.

mask of the masochist.

 4. of Betrayal: a body beautiful. Criticizes dependent. Controller. Does not like victims, but lives with the victim and left.

Speech: “I can… Trust me… You know… I don't trust him… I knew it… to be Honest… listen to me…”.

mask of the Controller.

 5. Injustice: the body is very correct, inflated. The desire to improve. Fear of mistakes.

It: “I… Super… Right… Super… No problem…”.

Mask: Rigidity.

so develops a life script of an injured Child. For success  in a variety of types of relationships and in life in General, you need one important condition – genuine LOVE…

Indications for psychotherapeutic work:

dependent-codependent relationship

- interpersonal boundaries,

love relationships

business relationships

- parent-child relationships,

- psychosomatics

- neuroses

- stuttering

- ADHD syndrome (attention deficit with hyperactivity),

the - crisis

- breach of contact, and

- autistic spectrum disorders

- disorders of emotional and volitional,

- various injuries (injuries to the development of shock, trauma – PTSD)

- the mountain, loss,

divorce/ separation

- sexual dysfunction


- panic attacks,

- anxiety phobic disorder

- self-doubt,

- low energy level-m fading

- difficulty achieving goals (career success, school performance), etc.

As he thought of the great K. G. Yung, our masks – this is only psychological protection of children's Ego from the damaging effects of trauma. For such a bullet-proof vest hidden untold wealth – the most powerful sources of various energies. Transpersonal psychotherapy immersed in the underworld, trauma, and releases the energy of unconditional Love, a child's Joy and Happiness, energy, healthy Sexuality, Power, energy, Money, energy, kind of… Just not everyone decided to go down to the dungeon to revive a happy. Such a feat is capable only true brave true Heroes!!!

Dear readers,

Healing the trauma of childhood

You open the flow of energy, strength, health, success, money, love!

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