the World “rosy” wonderful. Gray days turn immediately to the colored people become more pleasant, improves mood and problems become smaller. And, therefore, do not need to decide anything, so all is well. 

In the pink glasses is very convenient not to see the negative side of life and be mistaken about who and what surrounds us. We can focus not see how to deceive us, used as we are being manipulated, and we give in. We may not see how our worsening personal relationship, not to notice that the really feel and want. 

"Pink glasses" is a set of psychological defenses and not wanting to grow up. 

And like to live quite comfortably and easily. But twisted reality does not bring long-term happiness prevents us from developing and moving forward. What man does not see difficulties, this does not mean that they are not. And to in life to achieve something, it is important to be able to overcome these difficulties.

In the process of individual therapy, one removes "pink glasses" and begins to see the world more realistically, with all its pluses and minuses.

what he sees, at first, he clearly does not like. Therefore, this process can be quite unpleasant and painful.  But with the help of working with a therapist, a person fulfills their negative emotions, experiences, is expanding his consciousness, and begins to look at it from a different angle, noting that he had not seen before. Changing the perception of themselves in this world. And thanks to the ability to see problems, comes the understanding that you need to decide to change your life for the better.  

Thus, people learn to live in reality with new possibilities and vision. 

the Advantages of life without a "pink glasses":

  • Responsibility for themselves and their lives, so the opportunity to change and improve
  • Awareness 
  • the Ability to see and solve their problems
  • Good contact with myself (understanding their emotions and feelings, the ability to manage them)
  • to Be “here and now”, that is, be in the present and to be in good contact with reality
  • Developed a rational thinking
  • highly efficient

Man “realistically” is a person who has a clear advantage over those who still prefers colored glass. He sees more and understands in this life, he knows how to deal with life's problems and to strive for more. Such people and succeed. 

And you're still wearing rose-colored glasses?

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