Often the meet with the theme of aggressors and victims. In life it is manifested differently in humans – someone who has the apathy and the inability to move in the direction of someone inappropriately aggressive and nothing to do with it, someone, on the contrary, is faced again and again with the aggression from the outside world and trying somehow to cope, some may not earn enough money to live on, because there are inexplicable fears etc. Causes, of course, partly rooted in personal history, in traumatic situations, but often the underlying reason is and generic. For example, if someone acted as an aggressor against the ancestors, or, conversely, the ancestors become the aggressors. In our country such stories were many - the dispossession, repression, military action.

Murder, rape, grievous harm to the person or family – all this is very important for a generic system. Often in these situations left a lot of unlived feelings, unexpressed, unmanifested, someone tried to hold back, some people did and forgot... But according to the laws of family system all members must be in place. If someone is excluded, his feelings, characteristics, and behavior begin to show other members of the system, often even children. Or it appears implicitly, for example, very scared to have money or property. That is, people internally is linked to those who really lost something and perhaps even life of the property. And then a generic message that money is the risk.

So, the paradox is that if someone acted as an aggressor against the family, for example, killed or dispossessed, that person becomes part of this system. That is, the victim and aggressor remain bound in the family system and each has its place.

the Internal resolution of the situation for a person often comes after the recognition that both sides belong to the system and that now it is possible that the life strategy not to use or attempt to restore justice, because the situation is over and the present is another, and life goes on...

I consult on such matters, I'd be happy to help obrashaites!

Elena Vasilyeva
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