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the consequences of the ban on anger? br>
Anger is a feeling that in a society often is under condemnation. There are many prohibitions against anger, transmitted to us from childhood. br>
"Anger show only aggressive, dangerous, uneducated, bad people". the
"You this one will not love"
"Good boys (girls) do not get angry. And look ugly". the
"Anger is dangerous, leads to all sorts of consequences. And worsens karma".
And especially under the ban gets the feeling of anger at loved ones, and they are annoying often because are constantly breaking personal boundaries - wittingly or unwittingly. br>
those whom such a message firmly embedded in his head, unconsciously triggered a ban on the expression of anger, but simply on its presence automatically triggering a sense of guilt. br>
What you need to understand about the danger of anger. br>
Anger is dangerous when not designed and not controlled. And how does it work? br>
As if we didn't want to be always kind, physiologically we are animals. The animal has all the feelings, including anger – because it plays an important role for survival. br>
When your anger is driven into the subconscious, it is accumulated and periodically breaks the destructive hurricane - often for trivial reason. Anyone knows?

And when it breaks, we can't - first of all, it is very difficult to cope with the pressure of accumulated emotions, and, second, because we tend to abandon their anger (because embedded in the head), we do not know how to handle it. And where it is enough just to step aside, we suddenly pull out a club and start to crumble all around. br>
However, the accumulated anger often manifests itself in the form of passive-aggressive behavior. br>
so destructive anger-this anger accumulated, and it appears when the accommodation of this natural feeling imposed domestic ban. br>
If you and your familiar anger, accept it and know how to handle it, anger can be very useful. br>
what is the use of anger? br>
I Hope everyone understands that I write about the feeling of anger, and not about the actions committed in the heat of emotional. br>
Anger is important for orientation, it alerts that:

something is not as we want
to be violated personal boundaries – that we are being manipulated, or just above us is direct violence
there is a threat of significant things for us.

So angry to feel normal! It gives a signal that is not happy, something needs to change. I'm going to do next is the question, my personal, my pumped. br>
Anger helps to get out of depression, shame, guilt, and helplessness. br>
Between sadness, fear and anger is always useful to choose anger. Because sadness and fear is incapacitating from the standpoint of emotions, and anger gives us the energy to change ourselves and change the situation. Anger – energy changes, that's its main message. Is the energy of life, oddly enough. br>
the Anger we need to find a must! Because there are no people without anger. If you think that you have no anger and no, it is a signal that “Caution, danger!”. You do not notice inside you accumulates energy that can pour out without your knowledge. br>
But those who angrily know and know how to handle it - a person who is energetic, can anger to attach to the case, to redouble the efforts, can put up barriers that it is not suitable, can guide the process where necessary.

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