Here is how this closes the circle:

In season kebab, sweet, chaotic and excessive eating leads to guilt or anger at yourself on a mental level, to an overload of the gastrointestinal tract that is ready to explode, which corresponds to a reaction of anger, or compressible spasms that metaphorically reflects the noose of guilt. Wine and anger lead to behaviour, which need to be cleaned or to work (metaphorically - to suffer ). After cleansing and working out at the gym should be different along the length of the period, when supported by the selected dietary course. During this period, accumulated irritation, frustration, jealousy, suffering, - all this leads to a depressive episode of varying intensity and awareness.

In General, the condition "I feel so-so, despite all the work". Forbidden I want more, happiness has not increased. Need a release of dopamine, or portion of joy. Reached number on the scales does not compensate for hunger and fatigue. Should new food breakdown... read above. Ring of the diet closes, and you know it from personal experience. br>
Vicious circle diet - failure of the offer to open anywhere . Do not wait for Monday or the new grill holiday that you hate in advance, because "I still tear". The more you forbid myself in everyday life, the more guaranteed failure over the holidays.

Start with override any of the template: for example, cancel the ban. Allow your kebabs during the week. I think you will want forever ? You can eat the maximum... 10 servings! As soon as the forbidden fruit will be allowed at any time of the day or night , you will not want it. My personal experiment was done on yoghurt Valio. br>
"Valio therapy". I first Finnish yogurt I tried in 1991: then we bought them in currency shops "Sadko" for my year-old daughter. It was a period of shortages and lack of money. I tried one yogurt and thought, "here it is, heavenly food." And I ate all the yogurt that was in the fridge. br>
Then, when the yogurt was everywhere, for some time I bought them in countless numbers. Then I started to throw out of the fridge and not eaten expired yogurt. How often should I eat yogurt now? Do not eat or rarely, because it is "useful". br>
Conclusion: stop trying to restrict yourself, and you will have to pull on those foods that you forbid yourself. Create a stock of those forbidden foods in the kitchen cupboards. Replenish stock as soon as it is reduced. After some time you will grow cold to the forbidden fruit of finally. But, except of forbidden food, though you will always have a reserve of healthy food daily.

If you are "stuck" in the paragraph "cleaning behavior" following the breakdown, the barbecue - let food be inside you. Let it be absorbed. Just think of it as fantasy. Because spasm in the intestines occurs in the nervous system. Write down everything you ate. I know you think that you ate an elephant, but it's not. Peace, herbal teas, mineral water in normal amounts and Savasana, in yoga there is a particular posture in case you ate too much: it really helps to relax the intestines and to ride out the tough moments. The gods, too, had overeaten. Your mantra in this case: "I allow myself to be. I allow myself to eat. I allow food to be inside me." Can the word "mantra" replace "positive statement". The most dangerous thing in this segment - ban yourself to be who you are: imperfect, bereisa, with a distended stomach. Just allow yourself, become yourself a good mom and take care of yourself from the position of the Adult, and not from the perspective of a frightened Child or a strict Parent. It is important to avoid blame and attack themselves, which will inevitably lead to another round of restrictive dietary behavior.

If you think you have already embarked on direct dietary behavior - dropped the dialed for holidays weight, and joyfully celebrate the victory. But is it a win if you just come back to where we started? You're back to the weight "before the holidays". Ahead plans to lose weight ("prettier") even more. It really is different for each of you along the length of the curve back to point number one - "failure on the holiday."

What happens when the limits of power and compensatory procedures (reset, calories, cleaning, drying and gyms) provoke the accumulation of frustration. Limits that restrict the behavior will never be for you a comfort and healthy life. The body instinctively opposed to them, because we have a program of freedom. Accumulated anger (aggression). You notice the attacks on "fat", not "losing weight" to "fat" to "junk food", for parents, offering "sweets". Aggression is the flip side of fear. Internal supplanted by fear of signaling to the expectation of failure, loss, regression, breakdown. Aggression is more and more shifting to the iron, strength training, martial arts. But the source of aggression lives inside.

Iron and Jogging help... briefly. In addition, accumulates a sense of "I'm unhappy". The fact that the kilos dropped, the size is reached, centimeters shrank. But happiness has not increased, and we are unaware of life goals of happiness, relationships, freedom, life interest is not achieved. They are not about weight! Pounds is shifted to the target. Accumulated anger, sadness, disappointment. br>
If you at this stage, the right to withdraw from it through the goals. It is now easier and more affordable to break the circle diet swings. Here are some points that you should pay attention:

• Work with goals, push other tasks that enter into their lives: travel, relationships, interest, career. Dance instead of gym, balanced diet instead of a diet, and interacting with new people instead of a community of hungry people.
• Replace diet a healthy balanced diet, clear cleaning and drying.
• Enter a regular balanced diet.
• Stop counting calories, throw away the scales.
• leave feedback from the communities that support diet food and rigorous standards of shape.
• Enter in your life of healthy freedom is the freedom of a future breakdown. • Install sources of stress which leads to breakdowns.
• Find your personal weak points ( traps) on which you stumble. Avoid traps.
• Set your strongest resource status, rely on them.
• Learn to relax!

Marina Kulikova, a specialist in food disorders

Kulikova Marina
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