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Among all the directions and methods of psychotherapy, CBT is generally accepted the most proven with the scientific and practical point of view (in particular, the described method of cognitive therapy in the work of A. Beck and his daughter George. Beck).

This is possible because CBT relies on a person's thoughts, ways of reasoning, which, having a certain skill is not difficult to trace.

More simple terms: A () In (idea) From (feeling)

that is, any situation is some idea, which, in turn, causes any sense. For example, if something upset you, then this is not the situation, and what you thought about the situation.

Thus, based on their own attitudes, values and philosophical views, life experiences, personality in a certain way we respond to various events: good events cause us joy, anticipation, and the negative and unpleasant – sadness, anxiety, aggression. Moreover, it is from our personal characteristics and the conceptual system of the world depends that we "good, and that evil; which is nice, but what causes the irritation; that in our eyes right, and Vice versa". In this respect, not so important investigation, "With", i.e., emotional reactions and behaviour, because it is all due to our perception.

in Other words, "change" is the goal of psychotherapeutic work.

the Main purpose of cognitive therapy, Your desire to know himself with the new party, a willingness to change (exactly the way you want, and what you will decide) and awareness of new possibilities!

Cognitive therapy is focused on specific, it is less important detailed and thorough study of your "past" (as it has already happened, it is a given that cannot be changed) it is important that we can do here and now to change your life for the better.

the Criterion of effectiveness of the meetings: your new knowledge, thoughts, your awareness of your life and your decisions.

usually cognitive therapy – a fairly short-term method: it all depends on the individual case, the willingness to change, individual rate, and the duration rarely exceeds 15-20 meetings, in addition to our practice, many cases where it was sufficient, even 1-5 meetings.

P.S. There are myths that KPT – "very dry" method, "are used only for the treatment of the symptoms" "it is not deep enough to work", etc. the truth is that there are certain techniques, but the most important is the understanding of the causes of Your problems = your negative perception! This will give You the opportunity to change enough to feel satisfied and live a full life!

Our work is a careful and thoughtful conversation, the purpose of which is expanding the boundaries of your perception.

the emotions and feelings people, we are respectful, because this is our main assistants in work! :-)

Victor Bazhanov therapist


Victoria Varfolomeeva, clinical psychologist


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Victor Bazhanov
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