About courage in art and psychology


I Confess that I often visit art exhibitions in the city and other cities. There's a lot of energy, creativity, joy, a lot of novelty in the view of familiar things. What is needed in the work of the psychologist, Gestalt-therapist.

In one of the recent cultural outputs realized in the works of any artist a lot of courage – courage to Express their feelings, his own view of the world. A lot of courage in using colours, techniques, and combinations thereof. That is why each piece unique, unique!

In my opinion, has intersected with the fact that every time happens in psychotherapy.

a Lot of courage is needed for a client of a psychologist to reveal themselves, their inner world in front of an unfamiliar person. She needs to do a lot of work on myself and make the fruits of this work, to bring their discoveries to life.

a Lot of courage is necessary for the psychologist to enter the personal space of the client – Yes, with his permission, but still. It's so responsibly and differently each time. Contact of man with man, to help others to establish contact with his inner power and wounds. To help to carefully process his past experiences and discover new facets of yourself.

What is there in psychology! A lot of courage everyone needs in their daily life: to start doing something new or even start something to do; to open my heart and soul to your loved one and take responsibility for our relationship with him; to enter into relations with strangers, work colleagues, etc. and terminate relationships that we have ceased to arrange? And here, obviously, it takes courage...

How do you feel about my idea of courage in therapy, colleagues, readers, regulars of the site? What else, besides courage, we need the psychologist and the client to experience the therapy? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Easy for you to be brave? In what situations you allow yourself to manifest this quality?

it Turned out almost "Ode to courage." But I am very happy, because to write about something, too, takes courage.) This courage gives me a creative view of the world and openness. What speaks in you? ...

PS this article uses photos of the Omsk artist Alexander Shafeeva presented at the exhibition "7 notes in color" ("a Bouquet for Elena" and others)

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