Working for quite a long time with travmatiki different types, the most difficult and the most important is injury to detect. More precisely, to make this injury became apparent to the client.

most Often faced with a lack of mentalization traumatic experience, despite the fact that affective, this topic is very painful, and to prevent contact and immersion in your own traumatic experiences, the client for the millionth time, seeing trauma on the horizon, it successfully does not notice. Of course, he does not consciously (or consciously not completely), in a situation closer to the traumatic experience at the reception or in life, "like" the traumatic situation, the client not wanting to relive the horror, helplessness and devastation that has happened to him at the time of injury, complete includes typical psychological defense mechanisms: dissociation, devaluation, denial.

The earlier the injury, the more primitive protection is fixed as "usual", because at an early age, especially preverbal, the other simply was not. "Included" the protection almost automatically, again because of limited mental resources, the body goes into saving mode, and turns to the familiar, because they have already established themselves as able to save, this feels more safe than to find other ways to respond to clearly intolerable difficult situation without a 100% guarantee that the new way of coping will be better.

"Similar" situation meanwhile all happen, and happen because of unresolved trauma, remaining relevant, is close enough, the preconscious, and is committed to updating and resolution. And if an acute injury is often "forgotten" traumatica, then with focused study of the traumatic experience, she remembered her brightness and sharpness and can't be ignored, "small", but the regular injuries are simply not taken into account.Well, I think, mom never bought me a dress, saying, that like me, dresses don't go. And then what my hair is thin and liquid. And then that chest has grown huge and now I need to be modest, not everyone will think that I am of easy virtue. Well, discussing me with all my girlfriends on the phone with me, discussing my personal information. Well bought me a birthday doll, I begged her about the bike. Well, made me have unbearable tasteless and greasy soup, after which the sick stomach. And a million more "so what". "Can't be that all of the puppets" talking to these clients.

And actually, itself, a single doll is not able to cause the suffering and cause the level of decompensation, experiencing travmatik. But when such examples are many, each only confirms the belief in their own powerlessness. When you're little, a real opportunity to interact with the world is limited to the parent shape, when to protect their own interests is required from the parent, the child remains helpless. I'm not even talking about abuse, not about toxic parents, not "bad" ignores and devalues mothers and missing dads-about normal, happy, loving parents. Traumatic more often than not some action or inaction of the parent, and the child's experience of helplessness, inability to manage some aspect of their lives. He is faced with their own disabilities, breaks the illusion of omnipotence and the will of the people close to him have nothing to oppose. At repeated repetition of such experiences as the syndrome Wyocena helplessness, in a situation of stress, if a person falls into a state of existential dread and the feeling that he can not do anything, subsequently dissociates, devalues, denies or forgets about it.

Allowed cumulative trauma, like any other, re-living that experience with the recognition and awareness of all feelings caused by the situation of their own limitations and constraints as well as resources to help with the situation to deal with. But in the case of cumulative trauma must admit, that doll for my birthday, hastily abandoned the offensive phrase, uneaten soup, etc. were important, and these situations need to pereproshit the same as "really" a traumatic event.

Ekaterina Stepanova
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