No theory anywhere.

one of the branches of psychology – NLP (neurolinguistic programming) thought of that:

the objective world around us is called "Territory" and "Card" to call its own view of the world that they have created themselves in the course of life.

what is suffering man? In particular, depression?

From the fact that the world around us is hostile, toxic and dangerous?


From what I myself perceive the world not as it is, in fact, Unintentionally distort.

it is Clear that the suffering persons are inside the head.

Check out:

if you are convinced that the world is inherently hostile, and only because of that we have problems, then there is no reason to read.

Logical address in the U.S. to save the world and galaxies.


Here is some distortion, with whom I have ever worked with. They sound in the form of beliefs.

- nobody loves me

for men, you can't rely

I have to help the needy in any case.

I'm an unpleasant person

- in order to succeed, you need to cheat

- fathers in fact do not want children. The main thing – the mother.

- I'm a coward

all men only want sex

- ..and in fact I don't deserve a good relationship

- all people are selfish, especially women

- life really is work-home-work

- in order to succeed, need to be hard on yourself


you Know how to catch crabs the night? Shine a flashlight near the coast and the crayfish crawl.

And from deep and dark waters of your unconscious, seemed to light the very maladaptive distortion and persuasion, they must be properly "call" and you are right to highlight.

For advice any time I ask the client to recall some early childhood memories that associate it with the current situation or condition.

of Particular importance are emotionally-charged (significant) memories. Because the analysis of their chains makes it possible to understand why the man

a) once "adopted" erroneous beliefs;

b) is guided by them unconsciously, although small talk can prevent their error.

And maybe most importantly for the end result – to make changes in his world.

From the outside it might look like that the client and psychologist the entire consultation talking about childhood memories, about the current situation.

of Course, the appeal to childhood memories do not have to solve all problems. There are many other approaches.

the Psychologist Vitaly Dudin

the Way the concept of "world map", "image of the world", "worldview", and others similar can be understood as synonyms.

Vitaliy Dudin
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