"For man nothing is impossible if it has three things: support, information and resource". When three of these components are added, we can achieve absolutely any purpose. br>
the Support we always received from the outside and not the fact that it will get from, from whom it is waiting. She know who look like? A Ghost! It can possess anything in yourself, a book, a passerby in someone's accidentally voiced the thought, of someone familiar. She is always there, always there. And don't tolerate when we're trying to cram it in only one source — capricious starts and then runs off to something else. We usually get mad in such moments, and you just need the sides to look carefully: who moved in this time?)

Information is needed necessarily. But in the right amounts. Because the lack of information, and its excess only concern: when you know a little afraid of the unknown, when the much — confused and scare yourself.

But about the resource, let's talk details. Because it works for whatever their laws...

Here there are times when you Act. When "I see the goal - do not see obstacles." Clearly understand where to move and why, you think that now you know how to live. And it really works for you. Temporarily. Because this clarity is just a phase. It should go in it is good, simple and clear, you see your actions bring real results. This is impossible not to rejoice. But then something changes subtly, and it's emotional turmoil: you feel that something is wrong that the recipe for happiness has stopped working. Trying to understand why that happened, looking for flaws in themselves, in others, in your or someone else's behavior, eliminate them... but it's a vague "not" is not going away.

Because the old tools are simply not suitable for the new phase. It needs its other. But to find them, you need to step back, hang out everywhere and anywhere, to summarize, to draw conclusions. And then you become open to new experiences. Then you finally "includes" words, thoughts and ideas that are kind of well known, but to hear and understand their depth can only now. This period is needed for the set of new slices of life. You should not try to assemble them into the finished image and put them into some concept: it takes time. It is necessary to try new, close old, to dial the car and small truck of the unknown and rejuvenate. And then it all somehow miraculously going to a new picture of the world. Clear and light. And again you will see the path. Only this time we will be on the floor above.

Nature is, of course, cleverly made it all up. Not just because these cycles are repeated in all spheres of life and in the weather, and finances, and in relationships, and in the human body.

Transfiguration Professor just noticed: the problem only arises when we climb in the idea of nature with its own logic, with their desires, they think we are wiser than her. For example, when trying to avoid the "unpleasant" part of the cycle in a hurry to get rid of him - nature is punishing us, leaves in the second year. Well, you did not give yourself time to recover, to the disappointment of past experiences to understand themselves and to learn to think differently - you will not come to a new level. Will remain the same, only more disappointed. And the lesson again. So it will be as long as we will not be able to take each of the stages, until you learn to see the beauty and useful not only in summer but also in autumn and in winter. And they are beautiful. If you look at them.

And if we learned, digested and all the right pieces of the puzzle gathered, there will come a Time. Which is not to be missed. This is a time when to achieve the goal finally have everything you need. But you're so used to doubt and stagnate, not moving forward, continue to do it simply out of inertia! As the body after injury, long thinks that it is healthy that it is already possible to do something that did not allow the disease and the psyche sometimes retarding. Falls into the position of the spectator, not the actor. br>

here it is useful to recall the two-week Rule...

I from the coach heard the following sentence: "Any dream is possible to fulfill for two weeks." br>
First, this idea aroused my indignation, and seemed complete nonsense: well, that's HOW two weeks can make what really matters, what really changes lives? Like a wise man, and such stuff...

Then the same idea upset: okay, let's say it's possible... why not work? Why is everything always depends in some large and terrible circumstances or people that hinder anything? br>
And then she impressed me a lot. Like a light bulb in my head lit up, all became clear: true fact - just two weeks. It's more than actually just before, I misunderstood the meaning. I thought that two weeks is with the inception of desire to the final outcome. And this is not always the case. Sometimes "fulfill the dream" means to "move forward", "to start the process and take the first step", "solve everything."

Delaying - that's what kills any dream. While waiting for the perfect moment, the dream "become rotten", impregnated with doubt, her wound unpleasant thoughts and situations associated with it, it loses its wings and ceases to be attractive. And you have to it does not remain neither forces, nor desire. All the resources spent on preparing for the changes, not the changes themselves. br>

Catherine Oksanen
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