About effective strategies to adopt and policies, ineffective strategies and avoidance.


Attempt "to remove" from the symptoms associated with the development of clinical disorders. 
No no symptoms indicates increase the quality of life. 

These two statements currently supported by the study. 

Very often struggle with the symptom is part of a chronic problem. Attempts to do something with the symptom only aggravate the situation. Wrestling with depression - the depression strengthens, and attempts to get rid of anxiety only increase the anxiety in the long term. And if some action does not lead to the desired result, it means that it is not working. 

From this follows the logical conclusion that it is time to stop do what doesn't work. And for this you need to slightly expand the focus of their attention, which is fixed for the familiar, but inefficient action, whether attempts of struggle or avoidance. 

There are basic evolutionary mechanisms that helped to survive when he was in other conditions. Now these mechanisms are rather creating problems and psychological difficulties than help to survive. The desire for what is pleasant and pushing away and avoiding what is unpleasant. 

These mechanisms when applied to external objects that enable you to interact with the environment to perform an action or navigate. 

But try to push things in the internal environment: your depression or anxiety, and over time you will see that they have increased. Try to banish the thought that you think bad, and it turned into obsession. Try to avoid fear and it will grow, and you will be more limited in their freedom of action. 

Add to that how language works - to create designs that describe the world (in the future or the past or present), merging with whom, we cease to distinguish between a verbal description from the real experience. Words describe reality, but they are not the reality, and our mind's great he can convince us otherwise. Through language it is possible to be in a chronic state of stress, which has a detrimental impact on the body and on the psyche.  

What to do with all this? Theoretical knowledge about how the mind and what processes occur in it are extremely important. But no less important, and more critical action. Without action and practice, we will not be able to advance. 

it is Very important to experience a nonconceptual experiences, for example, through the meditation of mindfulness of the body. This allows you to access what is there, not how it is interpreted. And it allows you to disconnect the internal interpreter, to go beyond language structures in direct experience and feeling. 

In this mode aktiviziruyutsya parasympathetic nervous system, the body goes from a state of stress - fight or flight and into a state of awareness and recovery. Run the mechanisms of regeneration at the level of the body, the immune system, the psyche and the accumulation of the resource. The body does this itself, we just need him not to interfere. Directing attention in a certain way, we run these processes. Besides the fact that there is a recovery, healing and relaxation, it is also just nice, which is a very good bonus. 

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