About emotions


In practice, when I ask the client “what emotions do you feel”, you will stumble upon a misunderstanding and surprised look opposite.

For example, you are late for a meeting. You are angry and irritated. Start to look for a way that will allow you to quickly get to work. You can see how your heart rate increases or hands are wet. This is a manifestation of emotions. They are situational and allow you to assess the severity of the situation. Is it possible to live without emotions? Of course not. Just often we don't notice them.

it is Important to be able to understand their emotions. The emotions that we do not inhibit our actions and intentions (panic, caution, suspicion). If the person had not attempted to respond to their emotions, or simply to suppress them, they can run samarasosexy behavior (criticism, passive behavior, humiliation himself).

But not one emotion do not need to fight. Any emotion whether it be negative or positive you need to be able to live. As for example anger or irritation does not happen without a reason. Fighting the emotion we are trying only to suppress the consequence, and do not seek the cause of such events. Until we learn to dismantle our state of emotion, its components will not go away.

At the heart of negative emotions are overly self-critical thoughts that lead to destructive actions. Ask yourself: “what I thought before you experienced a particular emotion?” Try it and you will find the answer.

Learning to recognize their emotions and to Express them, we can dramatically improve the quality of life. It is the achievement of goals, the understanding of oneself and harmonious relationships with loved ones. But, in order to develop this sensitivity by yourself, you need to be attentive to myself - to listen to the sensations in the body, because all emotions find outlet in bodily symptoms or clips. Any emotion needs to be lived first and foremost in the safest possible way. Safe both for themselves and for others. It can be a drawing, a letter on paper, breathing exercises.

skrynnikova Elizabeth
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