About emotions: Surprise



— this is the short-term emotion.

Generated by something sudden from the outside.

State of wonder occurs suddenly and ends quickly. Wonder is not long out, only hit if the event does not continue to open new frontiers.

for Example, this can be experienced during the journey 🏝 this, considering some huge amazing temple.
Or you suddenly made a surprising discovery, and continues to open all new and new.
If you want a long poudivlyatsya, Google new year fireworks in China 2018.

the Emotional program of wonder switching.
the Surprise is a "toggle" switch from one state to another, from one emotion to another.

the Function of surprise is to prepare a person for effective interaction with a new sudden event and its consequences.

Readiness for a meeting with the new that's surprising.

Therefore, this emotion is considered to be "neutral", is neither "negative" nor "positive" from the point of view of accepted submissions.

Imagine that you go down the street with a worried look, thinking that as something bold to kick in an unspecified amount for the replacement of broken glass of the iPhone, and then meet an old friend which haven't been seen and it seems like she's long gone for a thousand km, and then – going toe-to-nome. Of course, dumb and question, for example: "where are You from?!". You immediately forgot about the phone, turned with a friend to a nearby coffee shop. Concern was replaced by joy, and helped in this surprise.

If this surprise associated with something pleasant, it "switches" to the joy, delight and prolong the pleasure.

And if it is bad news – shock, fright, bewilderment.
Imagine a woman sitting at work and driving the balance, time running out, the balance is not reduced, she was nervous. Suddenly she called from school and report that her child is in the hospital. What's going on? Instantaneous switching and further adaptation to new circumstances. The priority is not the balance, and to escape to the child.

Or even the plot.

You are standing in line for tickets to a favorite artist and now come to the window and has happily pulled out a wallet cherished amount and suddenly, out of nowhere, runs up Machel and says: "Marivanna, I got a couple of tickets pending, add two more!". You were stunned by such impudence, joyful anticipation was replaced by anger, but you patiently wait until Marvanne counts 4 tickets, irritably tapping the pads of your fingers on the window-sill shelf. Happy "squirt" runs off, and the cashier suddenly say: "Tickets are no more!". Irritation switched to a mixture of rage, resentment and frustration.

Thus, the main function of surprise is to stop the activity of the nervous system, which ceased to be appropriate and may prevent adaptation to new conditions and will include activity in the other mode, according to the circumstances.

Silvan Tomkins has called a surprise "the emotion of cleansing the channels."

the Surprise frees conductive pathways, prepares them for a new activity, different from the one that was "up".

the Surprise can be pleasant or unpleasant, easy or strong (surprise).

But for the most part, we attribute the surprise to the fact that a pleasure experience.

Amaze each other.

Do pleasant surprises.

Be open to surprises.

Notice amazing around.

Share with others what a pleasant surprise.

do you think that is because of the people, saying, "I'm hard to surprise."

Sokolova Ekaterina
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