About emotions and protect themselves under external pressure


Imagine three situations. First. Your boss requires you great performance and indicates (in short – whine) on the topic of your low productivity. Second. Your loved one accuses you of a violation of any promises. Third. Your client complains that its about something not warned when a transaction or selling any service. What can you say about such situations? They better not fall. But it's trite and obvious. But if you hit them, then you can try the following method.

the 1st Step. "I'm sorry". This phrase is bound to any context in the most neutral way. For example. I'm sorry that the work is done only at the current level. I am sorry that promise was broken. I'm sorry that it was a misunderstanding in the contract.

In this case you show that you care. But does not assume the excess liability as under option "excuse me, excuse me".

Step 2. "Now the situation is". This phrase encourages others to focus on what is happening in the present. For example. Now we do have a lot of work. It is important to find a way out. Now the contract has already been signed.

This emotional movement you shift the focus to what is happening in the present. That is, to the point where it is important to take some concrete decision and where less negative emotions (all of them in the past or future).

Step 3. "I propose". This phrase completely takes you out from under the emotional pressure and directs attention to a certain situation. For example. I propose now to concentrate on performing such tasks in the first place. I offer in return promised to do so. I propose to think together about how we can act on the basis that the contract has already been signed.

Offer is always helpful when the emotional pressure. Very often people full of emotions, precisely because they have no ready solution to the situation. Or decision they don't like. Offer solutions or willingness to participate dramatically lighten your life.

what do you think about this sequence personally you?

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