on vacation I was in the journey and was left without a phone.

What I want to say... just a sea of impressions of the sea.
Without a phone to live really well. Actually, myself and Vipassana without such austerities are not satisfied. Especially when you're like the Horse (I would like a beautiful metaphor of a deer, but there is) harnessed in Everyday life and everyday life and strongly believe in exactly and precisely at this rate.

I was talking about myself, of course. What I do a lot, sometimes worked very hard, and one output structured 24/7.
And I forgot, honestly? just completely forgot that happens differently.
When you're in the race, the domestics, the chart, There is not visible how it looks. And if little seen, the force of inertia my type drives you even when you sleep.

Even when I worked in the office, I was always a little 1 vacation a year, I wanted 2-3. I always few weeks, I love releases 12-14 and 24-25 days. Why?
Yes, because I never know how to do something bad, and laid out in any activity how how how. So at 100. And so many who deeply does one have to relax.
And I still don't understand how you can go to journey and then return to their normal everyday life... because you're different. You were in another place, in another time zone, in other circumstances. And me personally, I noticed and began to respect this feature, it takes time. Time to switch to grasp, it is possible to reconsider where and why I return. To look around, to lie.

And yet... those who work with people Doliny a lot of rest. A lot even just to sleep. Preferably where there are no people. Not because we people don't like... but because we have a lot of give. Any place where I worked, my main job was the people. And "a lot" of vacation I had always. What is a lot? more than 10 days at a time, more than 2 times a year.

on this trip I am even more rooted in the idea that European people are very tired. Everything around always tired. Our parents rush detsvte. And I thought, no, that's not right, it's wrong. Grow up... and was the same. Tired adult. And around me are the same tired people of all ages. Without a smile, strength and pleasure. the
Many with dull eyes and hearts. And you know... I used danalache they can not grasp the meaning, motivation, dreams.... and now I understand what they stupidly do not have the strength to live. They are burned out, tired, already 5-10-15 years ago. From the worries of everyday life, need money, status, sense. Tired to follow the rules, graphics, etiquette, tired of seeing the same people, same city, smotreti the same transmission and to walk the same road.
They're just tired. Without them I can't find socks/Cup, food in the fridge, the documents on the table, the strawberries in the garden, movies for meetings and so on.
And now I understand all inclusive for 2 weeks and thump in the room. Sometimes just because you're tired. To be for adults, smart, make decisions, sleep 5-6 hours and live a very useful effective life.

sometimes you really need to buy a one way ticket and disappear from radar. Just because... you're tired. And this is only your life. And when you return, everything and everyone will be in the same place. And you'll have another. And you might not even have to bathe to find meaning and motivation. Simply because if you will give yourself the courage and time to relax... you just suddenly see that everything inside you have. And the way that you picked the rules, and the people who surround you - your. Or not. Or all Vice versa. But you will have the strength to do, to change, to make decisions.

Sometimes you brake because you're a weak-willed person.. but just because I'm dead tired. from everything.
you just need to sleep and eat. somewhere with lots of sun and sea. or mountains and snow. or waves and wind.

And no one but you. And no, you don't need anything. And you can eat with your hands, not to make the bed and nothing to submit. Just be.

Elena Novikova
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