About fear and confidence

People feel when you are afraid.
You may think that you handle it skillfully. And you can't see anything.

But if the fear is, it will be manifested through anger. Or using a compression face and body. Through the rocking voice. Or through ingratiating poses.

I think a lot about why certain people collect attention.
I can often be don't agree with them.
Sometimes openly consider them narrow-minded.

But there are these people one thing in common their expression, in my opinion.
It is the ability to confidently convey their views. br>
And confidence for me is the lack of a strong fear. the
basis for lack of fear can be different.
I, actually, can be insensitive sociopath, and I may be totally do not care what you think of me.
Or I have rechecked the information and are able to lean on it.
Or I am generally confident that I'm good at, and can afford to be any.

And what do people understand about you when they see your fear?
They start to feel fear, you begin to better notice.
They begin to fear that if the power they need to take in hand, if you do not.
Or you must regret.
And save. And then they will get angry and try to get away from you. br>
this confidence is easy to build. It is possible to refresh and confirm my opinion.
Often on confident people can pull dogs. If they don't feel fear or demonstrated, they seem able to withstand more.
And it also gives this kind of relief. There are those who can be angry.

you May have noticed, as the group leaders usually carry the responsibility, they are expressed vivid feelings: both anger and admiration.
Confident people are always perceived as more adults, the parent shape.
And then it seems that they are able to solve all the issues and know "how to".

And there is such a paradox.
Perhaps a confident man isn't any says it is confident of phrases.
But that is exactly the impression that this man is not afraid in the moment to show itself for what it is.
for Example, paradoxically, he is not afraid to be insecure and weak.
talks about it boldly, when it feels. And this is his most powerful strength and appeal.

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Zagradska Anastasia
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