About gender-toxic


Gender-toxic – new term for "old" misogynist and mountability – a man who is aggressive (or passive-aggressively) expressed in all the persons of the opposite sex, combining them and without the slightest critique of their views (and not only speaks, but also behaves accordingly – with contempt).

for Example, a phrase which I personally tired of hearing, "all men are goats" - gender-toxic. And it is very difficult to prove to the woman that not all and not the goats, she decided, because she was "seasoned" by life-and dissent – are still naive and do not understand anything.

You can recognize them by phrases: "what to take with you, you're just a man, Not a woman's business!" "I knew it! All you men are the same", "you Got PMS?" etc., etc., the list of phrases is long, each side has something to say.

But why is this happening? Why resentment/anger for one or two men (women's version) or women (in masculine form), poured in a never-ending stream of claims to all members of the opposite sex?

---Often, there is a resentment that can't be expressed. The resentment, very unpleasant status – with a light application of glossy magazines, she is considered a child feeling that adult man must be ashamed to show it. But to feel her adult man has not ceased. The fact that hurt little child that can make an adult – most often only to pout and walk away. Adult the man has a lot of ways to interact with others in addition to the circuit for yourself and experience state of helplessness.

on offense, there is good medicine: healthy aggression as a way to restore their borders, return taken, to get up the nerve to speak. Even if someone has wronged are long dead.

---in Addition to the resentment is the feeling of unmet expectations of how should behave a person of the opposite sex. And if in a relationship a woman (for example) does not meet expectations men, the latter collapses the picture of the world ("I thought she was normal, and it turned out completely different!"), disillusion sets in. Painful feeling, like someone cheated, though, if you look closely, it becomes clear, that deceived the man himself, wishful thinking.

To this pain (hurt and disappointed) not to test, the man takes the easiest solution – just expect bad. That is, in consequence, he initially begins to women to be a position of contempt, superiority, saying, "what women expect, they are all hysterical".

To build a strong relationship, will have to part with idealization, charm, waiting for the fireworks of feelings every day – unrealistic expectations inevitably lead to disappointment. At best, the result will be parting with immature ideas about relationships, growing up, growth through the crisis, and in the worst – endless resentment, hopelessness (the love you want, but "all the goats", how can it be?), the tension, the expectation of betrayal.

is the game Worth the candles – everyone decides for himself.

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