I in this context, has divided people into two main areas:


-you want


2.Don't want

-you don't want

-not want-not

Begin to talk about the first spectrum of people. Why-the goals are not met people who seem to want this. Want can to achieve certain goals, the resource is there, the desire is there, but there are certain obstacles..and to want can these barriers be stimulus material, interesting quest. He goes through these labyrinths of testing ourselves and finally reach the goal. Nobody said IT would be easy, but the end justifies the means. want not every obstacle is a chance to move away from difficulties, go the easier route or not go anywhere at all, not to leave the "comfort zone". Here might work even psychosomatic and the person does not reach the goal. But it has potential, you just need one day to say that the goal is achievable, but it will not be easy. You'll manage and it's worth it. These are people with whom you need to work because they need the help most.

as don't want: don't want, I now like never before to meet this group of people. Youth who have the potential, strength, positive example, and more, but have no purpose in life. They don't want to learn, as I don't know what I want to do in the future, and sometimes want to do nothing, they see the end result of their "ancestors"(wealth) and believe that it all just "fell from heaven". It would seem resource people and they can help, too, but they don't want help and, moreover, does not take the viewpoint of others: "I have no purpose, I don't want anyone to be." It seems to me that this is a serious gap in the society is healthy, strong people who look like "psychologically Mature" children, always childish..most of all I feel sorry and sad for them. don't, the very "mundane", not too genetically endowed with intelligence, unfortunate is surrounded by a certain society, many are missing a positive example, they are very self-sufficient and very few people are concerned that their goal setting. These people live in their own world with the world.

more often in my wording the word "do not want" - the more people and present such a "great" quality as LAZINESS. Laziness, which sometimes consumes our "want," making it "can not")))

All the above categories according to the original and the people in them are all different and good in its own way. This division in my understanding happened only in the achievement of certain goals. As you my subjective opinion?

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