Straight thick I've never been, but it was full. And it was enough for me to gain confidence, and part of my classmates to stimulate me insulting nicknames.
Well, children are often angry, che.
In General, adolescence I was not sweet. At that time, was only saved by friends and a serious sports.
With it, despite the fact that I exercise regularly and have been successfully serving the athlete, the fullness still remains.
I overeat.
my Whole life was like a nightmare. It revolved around 2 things: what's the best way to practice and whatever way of weight loss to find more!
Oh yeah!Like all full, I was forever on a diet, knew a million ways to lose weight and didn't abandon the attempt.
Generally considered themselves not terribly pretty and was confident that slim figure will definitely solve all my problems.
In this hell I lived another 5 years.
Thinking about the time I really understand that saved me and the goals associated with it. In my life there was something that I had been successful.
With terrible depression and anxiety I was on the faculty of psychology and the office of a therapist.
And there is beginning to be magic. Rather hard on himself, which lasted a few years.
At that moment, my complete and constant changes in weight +-8 kg me seemed insurmountable challenge. I was sure that this is a problem I don't need to go to a psychologist, but you need to come up with just a better diet.
I have Come up with other queries.

And only in the course of psychotherapy, I realized that my overeating is nothing like grabbing anxiety, fear of life and depression. Food helped me feel a little better.

Very often the cause of excess weight, complete - just the same anxiety and not obvious at first sight depressed.
So, if You suffer from weight problems, can't seem to lose weight, think maybe instead of another diet and a psychologist?

PS I'm fine Now. I do not sit on diets and don't follow the diet. I just usually do not want to overeat. But if it happens that I overeat or happy to eat a couple of pieces of cake or half a kilo of ice cream, then my head will not come to blame and scold himself as before. The weight in norm.

Panchenko Julia
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