When it is hard you really want somewhere to go, urgently to do something to feel better. Coaches, therapists, counselors, tablets, yoga, qigong, running, relationships, sex, food, booze - it all goes in.
Fast and uncompromising.
That did not help right now - the furnace isn't working!

And when all else fails - you will remain in your crisis, frustrated and bewildered.
"How so?" "What the fuck is taki?"
Who all is helping?
Tools suck, coaches are charlatans, food and alcohol addiction, qigong and run the additional load.

there is a catch in this.
It really changed the external power supply, but has not changed its method that led to the crisis.
Approach when I'm sure that something external will help.
Without me.
Or a long time.
at once.
And someone knows what I need.
As for me and what I now choose.

And won Bob took and passed painlessly crisis.
And over Lera says that the therapist helped one meeting.
But Peter said that after a divorce thumped for a week and vanished.

Or Vice versa, my approach is like this.
I is the answer for everything.
I need to work more, do more. It doesn't happen.
And wonder why I'm working more and more, and long-awaited relief occurs.

And it seems that the crisis is just a way to show us that the current vision of the world is not working.
once this method has been very useful, but right now he's not helping to solve the current problems.

What if I used to run fast, it seems to stop and see what I see while running. What is flying by? br>
And if I used to do everything myself and believe that I'm responsible, then maybe it is time to see what's around assholes who like fat mosquitoes have long been sitting on my back and suck my blood?
Or around great people who are willing to help me when I ask, but I'm so used to pull all by yourself that simply do not give a chance to help themselves?

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Zagradska Anastasia
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