the Theme is serious, and in the modern world is very relevant. The refusal of motherhood I wrote, see below if you're interested. But, motherhood is the main theme of a woman's life (fatherhood for men no less important, but not dominating over other purposes), when all its nature wished to give life. Because the woman is the Creator and Keeper of the hearth, the birth of children and care for them an important stage in her life. When a woman cannot conceive , carry or give birth to a child , it is necessary to look not only in medical subjects but also in psychology. Yes, sometimes the problem is deep and not solvable without the help of a psychologist, but will talk about the psychological conflicts that can impede your desire to become parents.
Infertility is different, male and female, primary and secondary or absolute. In addition to infertility psychological conflicts can affect gestation. How often have I heard on the complete reproductive health of the family, but no kids and no pregnancy occurs or pregnancy occurs, but a miscarriage occurs, a woman can not bear and give birth to. The body speaks about the inner problem which you can try to consider yourself, as you can see a specialist. To consider what could be the reason and where do these internal conflicts, the role of psychosomatics in the matter of infertility and miscarriage.
to build a clear picture of the psychologist needed full information about the customer's problem is and medical aspects, personal stories, and understanding of existing relations in the family. The role of the psychologist in this matter to compare the data received from the client, and try to understand where exactly the problem occurred? what is the conflict influenced the emergence of the problem of infertility? Basically all depends on the capabilities and desires of the client, to overcome these conflicts, but professional help is no less important. Of course, it will have to end, but the psychologist knows where and how to look, and as a result to bring the long-awaited miracle. Itself can be very hard to see and overcome, we need a person third party who understands the psychological aspects of this issue. It is human nature to avoid their conflicts, it is always awkward, scary and uncomfortable, besides, each of us considers himself self-sufficient and does not see a problem. A psychologist is more the observer and corrector, and will be able to see a conflict where there may not see you.

"Pregnancy is how the story of film"
This story is taken from the practice of a psychologist, shown in a TV transmission, but it will help to show the work of the psychologist. A young woman married for more than 6 years in family life are all going well, the husband provides for the family, she does what he likes (hobby flower arrangement). Here the last three years, the family is trying to get pregnant, but in vain. Medical examinations are passed repeatedly, procedures, and training do not give results. They try IVF, but the embryo does not take root. She turns to the psychologist requesting assistance in solving its decline mood and state of emptiness. In the work is revealed and the conflict that affects her infertility. Young and cheerful, she dreamed of a family like in the romantic movies, she met the man she loved, married and created all the conditions for the family were peace and happiness, she did it. A lot of my life she was building on the analogy with your favorite heroines, seeing one of the films the girl who created the flower arrangements and was happy, plunged into the realization of his ideas. But what is pregnancy? Pregnancy was supposed to be like a fairy tale "... the pregnancy, I gave birth to and we have a daughter, we love it , raise as a Princess...", the fairy tale ended and no new plot. But here it turned out a failure. The woman nebilo not the slightest idea about the reality of pregnancy, the image was so illusory, relationship to pregnancy and childbirth is not realistic. The story further to life in a family with a child in General nebylo. In working with the psychologist I had to get all personal problems and conflicts, all aspects affecting the life in illusions and fantasies, learns to live with reality. The desire to become a mother, the trials , gave a strong impetus for life change and conflict resolution in order to create a real image of pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and after 5 months she was able to get pregnant herself.

Natalia Chuykova
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