"And you gave him?!"

To my first post about the betrayal began to write in the comments that "women from the bad guy on a spree", "just needs a man to satisfy", "sex Nada and m*not to do, and will not walk!". And mostly written by women, men, too, write, but somehow not so categorical.

Me, such comments at least bewildering. I'm very happy with this position do not agree. It turns out that the man is simply a collection of primitive instincts? And mostly dominated by the instinct of reproduction. Only sex and need, and of course "to eat, so that the house was". Then, for me, these relationships, very little about relationships, and about the features that partners have in the family.

Here is a family that has a wife with a certain set of functions and here is my husband with the same set. While "cog" in "detail" screwed - family" works" exists. And there is the "detail" so "cog" there'll be others.

Disgusting me from such views. From this angle the man looks like an animal, a kind of Spanish bull. Fed, "give!" and "Boobs  mouth" do not forget and will be always yours "bull". But the lack of sex in a pair of this is a consequence of deeper reasons exactly.

And life puts everything in its place. A woman did, that she would not sprinkles and didn't get up from her little affected will partner change or not. And from "good" women's men walk. Often it is their men's lack of implementation in society or because of the difficult relations in the family. He Creates on an equal footing with a woman and also equal responsible for what happens in His family, too.

Man, for me it's not a small child, not an animal. It's a different. The other person, which is very different from me and that is what I have and not what I can do.

And who to You man? Believe enough to please a man, that he has not changed?

very Interesting men to listen to🙂 and then thunderous now. Maybe the truth is you only need a good sex to be true🤔

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