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Not long ago the world "went crazy" from catching pokemon. Now there is a widespread invasion of the spinners. In the subway, on the street, in queues – anywhere they twist, twirl and adolescents, and older people. br>

couldn't resist - out of curiosity also bought the same one instance. But honestly – a special "therapeutic" effect of this device, I somehow didn't notice.
Actually, if I have, for example, focus, I prefer to fiddle with a couple of wooden (juniper) or stone (jade) balls...
But now it's not about that. And how symbolic spinner and the principle of its work reflects our lives. It can fully and continuously rotate due to centrifugal force, which scatters the axial bearing... but not just so, but only if you have multiple (in my case three) is symmetric, is identical to "rays" enhanced equal in weight weights. If suddenly one of the three weights for any reason should fail, or simply fall out of the mount, spinner to rotate will not. Or will be, but very mediocre and uneven.

And this reminds me of the famous metaphor about juggling three glass balls that is: family, career and health. Drop one of them and broke from rough handling – and already will not be able here also to juggle, because it will be just nothing.
in the spinner... if you imagine that each of the three "rays" with the sinker are the same areas of life - family, career and health (both physical and mental), is one of the rays go haywire like the rest of spinner also starts to falter.

of Course, I as a practitioner in method positive psychotherapy more accustomed model balance, with its four areas of human life, which likewise can and should be supported in balance (hence the name).
However, it's amazing how seemingly ordinary toy clearly can illustrate the essence of what helps a person to feel complete and self-sufficient.

How to do it - everyone decides for himself... someone who reads the relevant literature, someone who practices a different kind of meditation and not just technology... Someone speaks to the experts. In this case, everyone chooses what suits him. The main thing is to want to do. The rest will follow! br>


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