I love historical films.Yesterday I watched a film "the Favourite". The film is about Anne Stuart, who reigned in England. I want to draw attention to the psychological side of the main heroine - Queen, I think it can be fun while watching a movie.

1. The immaturity of the Queen, which is difficult to be psychologically adult, to make decisions and take responsibility for them (Hello parents🤪);

2. Psychosomatics Queen problems with the legs and eyes, talking about what's inside there is no support, and relying only on external and how hard psyche not to see the sufferings of the Queen; also note the substitution of children by rabbits.

3. More about psychosomatics. 17 pregnancies Queen and no surviving child talking about the lack of inside psychological maturity. It is generally believed that children are born (I'm only about psychological maturity);

4. The Queen has highly developed artisticheskoe the part where that Queen of arrogance in reverse polarity - humiliation. Based on that impulsive decisions are accepted by the manipulation of others to its importance.

5. Not constructed identity of the Queen, the women and in no way added security - "why would I trust the opinion of a man?".

6. In the film, and a lot of it is written in history that the Queen was a lesbian inclinations, respectively, the film shows how close her mistress make the decisions care and care of the identity of men.

enjoy historical films? What's your favorite?

PS. Watched in English. It was interesting to notice that a full house in the cinema, whether it's a trend, or more and more people are learning English, want to develop their skills. You want and each time a room full of people. More and more cinemas offering films in English.


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