Love is wonderful and light feeling, which is dedicated to a great variety of poems, novels, pieces of music. And how many hot and tender words they say every day, every hour, every minute another person. Love has countless faces and forms – the sympathy, love, passion, sexual attraction, respect, affection... Love brings joy, light, happiness because of the love behind like wings, and life blossoms and begins to Shine paints. It is therefore considered that everyone wants love. Even if the person does not seek to create a marriage, family, still she wants romance, wants to get excited about someone (by the way, is often a passing fancy, that prosaic language can be called "affair", often develops into real love and affection). In the end, nobody cancelled a sexual attraction, and love, a romantic relationship involves physical intimacy. But, if you shop around carefully, you can find a lot of people who deliberately refuse to build relationships with other people. This applies not only to those who do not want to create a family and to contribute to the improvement of the demographic situation. Many of those individuals who refuse in General from any romance in her life. Often they are not understood, often they do incur the condemnation of the world around you, firmly convinced that everyone is almost obliged to acquire husband (wife) and 2-3 children in the kit. But before you judge the people from this category, you should think about the reasons for such a lifestyle.Firstly, the common reason for deliberate refusal to build the castle called "personal life" is low self-esteem. Belief in their own unattractiveness, increased anxiety, workload complexes, fear not to like – these factors greatly impair quality of life and, in particular, hinder the search for a partner or lover. Moreover, often objective reasons for low opinion of his qualities there. Secondly, a bad experience love relationships. Cheating ex's, unrequited love in the past (or even the only one), the classic "I'm sorry, but I like you only as a friend (girlfriend)", the sexual frustration from previous partners, attenuation of love flame with the development of the remaining relations in the past – all of which can provoke avoidance of love now and in the future. Very strongly influenced by a negative experience parent families (divorce of parents, the infidelity of the father or mother initially incomplete family). So the person encases themselves in the scenario of a man burned on milk, and now blowing on the water.Thirdly, disappointment in love at all. This determinant is closely related to the previous one, but it is wider. A person can be disappointed in love, not only because of past failures, but because simply can not find a suitable partner. No one like, no one touches, and to build relationships with anyone anyhow don't want ("you better be alone than with just anyone"). Fourth, the mismatch of desires with reality. A men and women for one reason or another are attracted romantically, sexually those potential partners who don't like themselves (or those that will not be bad for them) – those who are externally not in their taste, those who are much older or much younger, those with whom they are psychologically incompatible. The same people that cause interest and sympathy, not to reciprocate. In the end, personality is humble with its fatal bad luck, and stops looking for a relationship at all.Fifth, for man love and romance are not just priorities in life. He may have a goal to build a successful career at work, or to realize themselves creatively, or to travel if not the whole world, it is exactly half. So he deliberately left in his life for love of Hobbies.Sixth, the features of character. This may be an exaggerated desire for independence, fear of losing their personal autonomy (to get lost, to dissolve in the other person), very expressed introversion, selfishness, and the presence of schizoid accentuation of character. The desire to find love Hobbies, to build a personal life – a natural and normal desire. But this does not mean that those people who do not want to love, what is wrong. If a person deliberately deprives themselves of the opportunity of self-realization in love, it can be simply not necessary. Maybe she has problems and she just needs help and support.

Teplov Anton
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