the river Bank. Bubbling water, telling different interesting and magical stories, including stories of love..

Interesting to listen to her slow and smooth speech, and listening to these stories, to plunge into their dreams, dreams, dreams.

to listen to these stories, you can be comfortable... comfortable on the river, so that was nice and good.

Look at the surface of the water and see a leaf, bobbing peacefully on the water, and slowly, quietly, slowly, drifting off into the distance.

what if listening to the history of the river, thinking about it, to create something different, useful, important, necessary, such as the Bridge of Love , which extends from one riverbank to the other.

I Wonder how can it be imagined?...

As a Bridge of logs, or some links .or from something else. Imagine how it goes.

I like the bridge of logs. He is solid, steady, true, reliable.

everyone has their own bridge , one that he likes, which is interesting to create, to build. to start a bridge of love? ..

With introductions.First impressions. With interest. With interest to each other.

With the desire to be closer with desire.

feelings-pleasant, exciting, enthusiastic, joyful!

the Interest , pleasure, comfortable. Nice.

And another - the tenderness, warmth, passion.

These feelings a lot -they are nice and good.

there is concern - concern for the welfare of a loved one, about his interests , about his life.

Care - active actions.

Participation . Responsiveness. Warmth. It's nice to care for and to care.

Trust ... it grows like a tree... from a small seed... sprout... stalk... fragile thin tree... gradually growing... becoming stronger, becoming stronger... more beautiful...

.Trust is faith in another, open my world, my soul, and the recognition of the world of a loved one. Mutually.

Respect - perhaps this Foundation is the Foundation of the bridge, reliability, durability. Respect - to yourself, to the loved one.

Support - strong, good, solid.

to be Able to support in different life situations, the Council whether any other actions. and to lend the shoulder when necessary.

Good quality support.

Understanding. Understanding yourself, understanding the other, and this means being able to listen , able to hear, engage in dialogue. Joint.To negotiate.

you can Still add to the bridge of love - something important to you. Personal.

If you want you can add.

And here is the bridge of Love is ready. From one coast to the other. Good. Sustainable. Durable. Reliable...

it is Very important to learn how to preserve, protect from storms, hurricanes, fires, floods, to keep it intact , care , fine.

to go on it with pleasure, and if you want, you can choose a comfortable place to sit comfortably on the bridge , along with loved ones man, and tell the river and the stars your love story, your history.

And add something new , interesting,enjoyable.


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