About love and being rejected.

Current note in haste, without much philosophizing, personal reflections, of course, about love. We all, sooner or later, faced with this feeling, maybe not this, maybe just with love... But, anyway, face, not afraid of the words, everything. After all, you can experience a burning feeling for chocolate, the warm sun, the faithful dog, the beautiful stranger/stranger (is who I like)), or to itself in the end.

Here with a box of chocolate at all easy, she won't be condemned for infidelity with ice cream, I will not say that she is disappointed in you to the core and will not send you away and won't reject you. But with another person it is not so... And, unfortunately, we are unable to reject, and sometimes rejected. And it is normal and even not bad, as a wise man once said: "Never regret: sometimes troubles happen for the good, and dreams are not fulfilled for the better."

Hmm, easy to say, he and the sage, and we, with you, it happens in this moment Oh so easy... And what we choose not to relive the horror of a broken heart?

We choose to make up such a solid and unbreakable armor from the new self-image, and then, someone like that and it seems more secure. Anyone cozy in the cold-blooded sort of way the bitch that break men's hearts just as nutlets to click who style city seducer and who to dissociate itself from this mortal world wall food or dope or alcohol or ... well, pepper and salt to taste.

Someone is in this theatre masks visually, is quite successful. But will he/she happy? Not infrequently, over the years, these people understand that by creating a mask, do not live they are not they are real, the masks, the internal Director, who says that "we must behave so or so" and something real escapes. The wall still separates stronger from something more important. Why?

Because of fear of rejection, creating a new, this invincible self-image are cut off, we reject, leave, real, sentient... is it Necessary?

Example, in order of delirium, hope is clear. I flew once around the room... the fact that I was hot-headed and rather "fly" than go)) and do not laugh much, hurt leg on the sofa and broke my toe... Well it's true!!))) Attention to the question, should I be afraid of the sofas, will it help me in life if I avoid them?

P. S. 1 don't leave yourself! We are real and very personal:-)

P. S. 2 of the virtual space: "tip of the day: Be like children! Fell? Got up, went... Fell, got up, went... will Certainly come!". I'd add, and find, that the/, in General, everything you are looking for, if you're not afraid to be real and continue to feel.

P. S. 2 Yes, the last question was rhetorical. ))

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