About managing emotions and power distribution


we All experience emotions, but not everyone knows what the emotions in fact.Emotions are a signaling system that is needed in order for us to understand what we want and what is not; what the us is dangerous , and that can be nice and helpful.To properly dispose of these signals,we need to clear your mind of illusions, inappropriate behaviors, responses and perceptions.You also need to get rid of negative emotions accumulated in our body , as  the congestion prevents the perception of new emotions and trust to the world and ourselves. Correct mind control and emotions - the most important skill that is conducive to a happy and meaningful life . Competent management of these systems depends on our health, well-being and comfortable life and creativity. In today's article we will talk about emotions , so let's take a closer look at an example of how this system works:

for Example, I go to work and on the road get angry that forgot one of the documents. What it really means: my emotion of anger reminds me of what I would prefer in the future in advance to collect all belongings before exiting, to be collected in order not to lose too much time and energy on fixing bugs.What would be wrong to get angry at myself, engage in self-blame, to seek out their flaws just for fun and to revel in self-flagellation.


1.No matter what we spend our attention and mental forces - negative or positive - they  will be spent one way or another.From this flows gently:

2.Only we can decide what to spend their energies on useless worries,or the design decisions, conclusions, and implementation plans 

3.Emotions are a perfect signaling system .But only when we clear our minds from illusions and help yourself to comprehend what is happening.If we are full of misunderstanding and resistance , we can get lost in the signals either dwell on the sensations,not making them conclusions.

In General,I wish you luck in this difficult but such a valuable  work.In following articles I will describe the working with emotions in detail,and discuss how we can help ourselves by clearing our minds . Write your own examples for analysis and comments, don't hesitate to ask questions.

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