Yesterday a colleague after intellisearch group told us an interesting story from his trip to Vietnam. On one of these trips the tour guide was telling the tourists about the village where nowadays a thriving matriarchy. And, you know, it's very curious how there life works. I tell you right now. Hold on.

a Woman who wants to marry, paying dowry (number of cows) family men who wants to take a husband. And if it so happens that she is married is not happy with her husband, she is entitled to return the man's parents, getting their precious cows back.

And because the return of all cows - it proves to be very problematic for the family of Vietnamese peasants (someone has eaten, someone has died, while his wife was determined, as far as she's satisfied with her husband) - the husband of prescribed by society (not to let your family) to behave in marriage is good and to please a woman. Men in this village sit at home with the kids, cook, equip life and home. In General, it is already clear what they were doing.

What women are doing, except that thinking and do good business with cows, I don't know. Maybe cows are the same and grow - cultivate - it's a big job. (A colleague added that women are still in charge, make decisions, establish laws and men removed from it).

If it was not, it all had to be invented. The conclusions suggest themselves. For me this fact with startling evidence demonstrates the arbitrariness of the gender matrix of our society and all these prescribed "wise tradition" of roles for men and women "Destiny", etc.

the Distribution of power, the universally recognized rules about which no one thinks of position in society and the corresponding rights are what determine human behavior, regardless of his gender. And more than ANY-thing. No supernatural meaning, Nature design, etc. It's just right, once spontaneously (spontaneously or not) developed, and now widely perceived as "different does not happen."

Note that here it does not matter even that give birth still women (as we have 😂).

But as they initially turned out to the contrary - that's interesting. Was there any decisive factor and different from the us or not - I don't know, but it would be interesting to know.

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