About metaphors.

the word metaphor the first thing that comes to mind is the name of Carlos Castaneda (second Herman Hesse). The thing is that to me he had a tremendous impact.

My relationship with his works went through several stages. Ten years ago I first read his series of books. First impression was: "Wow, cool!". And I must say that impressed me all these incredible stories about the changes of reality, some magical adventure and the feeling that this is all real and possible. Even wanted to go to Mexico, to the places of the events and try to join this story. I had thought that it was about some new wonderful world, to approach which are the practices. That is, if reduced to General: that there is something outside of me that will change me and my life.

several years Passed and the euphoria has subsided. I began to consider his works a good tale. Well, like Harry Potter. Well written, interesting to read, but there's nothing except a good novel.

But at some point I went back to his books and I was surprised to find in them a whole heap of metaphors and allegories. I was just struck by the depth of his works. I feel like I read a completely different book. The book is filled with psychology, it is not strange sounds. For me, it was filled with awesome meaning. I was surprised to realize that it is all metaphorical sense "cooked" in my unconscious, that in that moment when the mind is ready to go outside in all its glory.

And metaphors work well in the business. Not time I had clients who, for one reason or another, it is difficult to say. It can be anything, but the client for some reason cannot talk about it openly. His pain and experiences do not allow him to do this. And then come to the aid of metaphor and allegory. And it's not necessarily some philosophical reflection, and complex verbal constructions. Is any story conveys the experiences and the essence of the problem. It is something like the story about the other person. So such a process is well complemented by projective techniques. But then as the saying goes: “the taste and color – all felt-tip pens different”. Someone to talk to, and someone to draw.

and finally, I want to give some really my favorite quotes by Carlos Castaneda

the Path without heart is never happy.

the Art is to strike a balance between the horror to be human and the miracle of being human.

the trick is how to navigate... Each of us makes himself either miserable or strong. The amount of work required in the first and in the second case, one and the same.

If you don't like what you get, change what you give.

You should always remember that the path is only a path. If you feel that you shouldn't follow it, it should not stay there under any circumstances.

it is Useless to waste your life on one path, especially if that path has no heart.

Each goes his own way. But all roads still go nowhere. So the whole point in the road like it to go... If you are going to treat, then this is your road. If you feel bad at any moment can go with it as far. And it will be right.

We either make ourselves miserable or make ourselves strong — the amount of effort remains the same.

how do you feel about metaphors? I would be interested to know your opinion in the comments.



Vladimir Kuts

Kuts Vladimir
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