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NLP in fact.

currently, the information space contains a huge mass of materials in relation to NLP. About that psychological areas are in the most contradictory opinions. Part of speaking out is subjected to NLP ostracized, calling his supporters and blaming the manipulators in the surface approach to the person, at least a significant part praises him and considers it a panacea for the many complex situations. Thus, a significant category discussing are familiar with NLP tabloid publications, radio and television programs, the content Network is of questionable content and quality.

the Purpose of this paper is to attempt briefly to address the causes of misunderstanding and resentment in this direction among some of the professionals as well as interested in the psychological problems of the individuals and touch its essence. In the course of numerous discussions of these issues there were different views on such reasons. I will list a few of them.

In particular:

- the name of the direction (NLP) was formulated largely under the influence case, its creators specifically this question was not engaged, respectively, it does not fully reflect the essence of the professionals ' activities;

- some people have fears of becoming the victim of manipulation, unfair external influence. Separate areas of psychology are of the opinion that such kind of personality do we want to influence others and because of the mechanism of projection attributed to his latent manipulative supporters of NLP;

- part of the critics just did not bother in any way to understand and repeat what he heard, read somewhere thought, especially if the source is an authority for the person;

- have a competition between professionals, and as one of its forms attempts to discredit opponents using really effective technology.

What is NLP, in fact, than it really is. For many practitioners this area, NLP is piecemeal structuring and subsequent simulation of any human experience in various areas of activity with the further integration of the identified strategies for practical use. Simply put, enelbar explores the required experience, identifies its structure (what elements it consists of: beliefs, strategy, achievement, emotions, behavior, etc.) and simulates it. The model is formed of the key elements of experience that are essential for the acquisition of modeling skills. The output - customer to integrate effective strategies to achieve the desired result to him,

Thus, the essential elements of the direction are:

- modeling experience;

- embedding successful models;

- its practical use.

a Similar situation occurs when dealing with the experience of a negative nature. Just here the chain may be a little longer. Specialist explains the strategy of immersion of a person in a negative state, studying individuals who have learned a similar problem to solve effectively, and contributes to change strategies client in the right direction, the problem resolves successfully.

so we see that NLP is just a tool, but the tool is really effective. And how to use it and what it will be used depends on the system of values and will of a particular individual. After all, a knife in the hand of the man can be as a healing scalpel of a surgeon and an instrument of brutal murderers.

In the process of thinking about NLP and writing the article I remembered one Oriental proverb: "In ancient times there lived in the East one man. And he had three sons. When the time of death, he called his sons and said to them: "my Children! I want that after my death no hostility because of the inheritance, so divide the property himself. I have 17 camels, and I will share them, while the eldest son I leave half the camels, the middle son will take a third part, and the youngest gets 2 camels. With these words the old man died and the sons have to think seriously as to divide the camels according to the father's mandate does not work. Then they came up with the idea to invite Mullah Nasreddin to help them cope with this problem. And the Mullah decided. He added his camel to him in the herd, and the camels turned 18. Half of them he gave his eldest son, the third average, and two camels, Jr. On his camel to the Mullah, who have solved this problem, back home."

this happens, probably, when using NLP, when due to additional internal resources able to resolve such seemingly serious problems and contradictions.

In these moments, it's nice to see happy faces of people who know that they have a new vision and awareness of the situation, a new perspective.

I Hope that the understanding of NLP and its use can induce professionals and just interested to get in touch with his effective methods and models, this means that to expand your experience, achieve professional growth and personal well-being will be able to more and more people.

Roman Volkov
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