About palms, supports, and relationships


yet deep and multi-layered experience you can get during the training. Ordinance, Yes, so what happens there gives food for much thought and conclusions. One small and seemingly clumsy exercise can change the perception 180 degrees.

let's Say there's this exercise, when someone from the group to become partner in the exercise. It is, by the way, simple at first glance. All you need is to stand opposite each other and extend hands forward and palms up so that the partner could make their palm. So you stand facing each other, leaning on the palm of each other with outstretched arms. br>
what's next? And then even easier...to find the optimal interaction in this kind of contact to try and experiment. And then to discuss. The exercise began and then it started...

Yes, at first, both stood firmly on his own two feet lightly touching your palms to face each other. Freely, comfortable, little contact, no proximity, touch and brushes. Does not it resemble the relationship, when both partners are wealthy, successful, stand firmly on their feet...and their relationship more like an easy and relaxed time. These relations can be happy, the people are called open relationship when we are together and no one owes nothing. Although...maybe you have a different vision? Share it))

Then began to press very hard on the hands, leaned on each other. And difficult this task is! Weight to keep yourself and another. Yes, there is and reliability if the partner will support, as I did. But...to Carry the weight of yourself and the other...no space and freedom. And a lot of responsibility-I suppose he hold, and even partner don't fail. The voltage...Usually about such relationships say "Choke". When a couple is together, always and everywhere, alone in the world, and in joy and in sorrow...But alarms are not less-"If he/she goes, how am I?" "Where it(a) now?" "Suddenly, I no longer need and need me?". Nevertheless, there is not lonely...unless one of the pair will not tired and not clean...to fall sick, tested on their own experience in this exercise) it Hurts to fall not only physically, but also from thinking "How so? I'm trusted? I believe? What do I do now? Why he ceased to maintain contact, so it was all in vain?"...and it's not just about exercise now. But about the thoughts that a person experiences who were in similar relationships and they ended. Thoughts seasoned with feelings of loneliness, frustration, resentment, anger, hopes for return, etc.

Time to exercise was still and our game continued. My partner and I wondered "How will both of us comfortable and at the same time to feel the contact with each other? Here I am, here I am. We are." I decided to try completely to be tightly pressed against the palm of your hand to feel the surface and at the same time to stand on my own two feet. And it was awesome! The palms are not pressed on each other, was not far away, was free and at the same time felt the warmth of the hands of your partner, there was freedom in his movements, went the extra pressure. And if anyone shaken-all for the safety net is...meanwhile, if the partner is tired or your mind is not so painful it hurts to fall don't have to. Cold-Yes, her hands-that no one is warm...But you can own them to RUB against each other, or offer the game to someone else. Sadness is loneliness and chill will. But the faith in yourself and your strength to yourself. From personal experience I want to share that for so long I wanted to stand it mentally) overall, we were in this position until the end of the exercise, and then sat down to one side.

Relationship...like this exercise...include all aspects of life: the ability to build support, trust and freedom, responsibility and reliability. As in any business-important balance and communication!)

And December within one month to online training "Reboot" we will investigate the relationship not only with your partner, but with life in General, to the New Year was the miracles created by us) to Leave questions, comments and requests here https://vk.com/treningi_v_anape

Babko Catherine
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