Sometimes we hear that the world screams, and through it thousands of people: be a perfect man, husband, mother, child. And we are struggling, creating an enormous pressure to live up to that image to gain praise or just to feel good through imposed someone values, even falsely assuming that they are ours. Or we look at someone and find out that is, does nothing, thinks strangely, and the family is watching, Chur-Chur me, because I'm not, I'm different. Or swing even further and say: I am nothing, have achieved nothing in my life, I have nothing to love, nothing to praise, the world doesn't need me.

All this is only a pole of the same process – the absence of a stable sense of self-worth, outside of the poles of worthlessness and grandiosity. We get something and we are caught in omnipotence, but is worth the trip, no one noticed, make mistakes, and then starts depressing feeling I'm not good enough, I stumbled and lost it, and Peter here comes steadily to the goal. And we captured that one, then another, without taking itself for what it is.

it Sounds trite and cliche – As Is, but it's obvious “as is” is often healthful. the ‘As Is” is so alive and real, one of a kind, accepting its limitations and with gratitude perceiving the strengths. There is no comparison that neuroticism and poisons, we're not trying to get into someone else's body, psyche and life, which are seen as better or worse than ours.

Trivial As it Is – it's about uniqueness, where metaphysical Pete is perceived as an interesting person, maybe even something more skilled/intelligent/etc than I am, and Vice versa. But Peter-this is Peter, he will never be able to do something, as do I, and just as I will never be able to do something like it. And there is My value and the value of the Other.

the Uniqueness – it's about the ability to see the Other, while Narcisse sees himself in everything. And maybe, when I and Other will be fully discovered and recognized, we will not be so hurt that someone who weighs 10 kg less, and someone made a brilliant career as opposed to us, and someone like 24/7 ideal mother?

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