each person has a certain amount of personal power. This is an area of life where is our influence.

For example, if a person keeps the house clean and things are in order and your body healthy — it is already very good, so his power extends to the body, the home and the business.

If the person in charge of an enterprise, its Power extends to all his subordinates and the success of this enterprise. What earns more or is more known, the more power. Authority, big money, power — all you need to be able to earn. br>
Some people get Power in the form of prestige and money from others. But this also has some of their resource and credit. They were in the right time and in the right place. Those people who have already got a lot at birth — they have more demand.

In some religions it is believed that this effect of merit from a past life. Therefore, it is doubly insulting, if someone is born into a family of wealthy parents, beautiful, intelligent and healthy, but, say, got into drugs, lost fortune, ruined health and a sound mind, and even his very freedom, for example, went to prison or ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

the Magicians, esoterics, occultists — a very special category. It is believed that they seem powerful, but sometimes it's not particularly noticeable. What power, asks the astonished man in the street? Well: but incredible silvery shining aura, invisible to the naked eye, the army of spirit helpers, a powerful tribal protection and a hereditary Gift, Horde of demons-servants and dedication to the highest degree dozens of orders.

Before you — a great Frater Ohreneli XV degree, the Master of the order the Pussy and Sausages, a doctor of the occult Sciences, mystic, visionary and Creator of magical installations, the author of many manuals, owner of his own occult school, etc., etc.
actually, it's not shabby communal, and the Temple of Hermes Trismegistus, and there is the stick with a stone tied on the end is not a textbook on comparative anthropology to lecture on "how the monkey became a man", and the rainbow Scepter of Power. And Yes, do not step on the Triangle of Manifestation, there also is a bound spell Demon Orobas, can't you see that?!! This is all because you do not have an Occult Vision!

Well, neighing and well, and in fact, all very sad. If the Mage has not achieved at least this manner, as the highest possible for his age and data source of physical and mental health..., by the way — all these stories about the "controlled schizophrenia" is complete nonsense, the Mage must be able to withstand the test of mental adequacy; so, if the MAG is obviously not very healthy, is abusing or has visible to the naked eye mental problems — alas, alas... all bad. A poor Magician is also very funny.

"the Archmage must be rich because if the poor Archmage, he's in a bad mood. And if the Archmage in a bad mood, and all around bad mood. To bad that it is impossible to live" (C) A. Rudakov "Archmage"

With the personal life of the Magician, too, should be all right, or even good. If the Mage chooses to be one, it must be his conscious choice, not a forced stagnation. Well, at least, he should be able to meet your any needs, including sexual, with money, authority, power.

(for Example, as the beatific dedulki Osho)

All the Magician needs to look decent and to make a good impression of a successful person who has everything in order. And not smelly terrible half-mad freak which want to escape. Let's remember ancient Sumer, where sorcerers were agents of the ruler and occupied high social position, and deservedly, for the magician combines the knowledge and skills of the astronomer (and astrologer), mathematician, engineer, doctor, therapist, historian and diplomat. Shes so, right? Well...

And the most interesting that man with all such qualities (smart, pretty, self, it's all right with my personal life), he is magic like and do not need... why? And the way it is. But if, with all of the necessary, man is still not lost interest in this field of knowledge — it is really "his". Such brow, it is possible to trust.

can Anyone say why these are high requirements to the mages, and those same psychologists are ordinary people having the right to be wrong and a simple life? Well, probably because psychologists (normal) is much less pathos and claims to be the great guru...
Hope Kozochkina
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