About power and control


hard, very Hard, to live a man, deep in themselves uncertain. The whole World seems to him dangerous, the trees are ALWAYS "large", colleagues are luckier, prettier women, men successful... No you else happy or poularity on yourself... Hard, in General.

to Compensate for this unpleasant experience.

you Can, as one well-known Moscow psychologist, "the self-Esteem boost!": make an appointment with a psychologist on the panel etc. However it is a long, expensive and quite painful thing to hide.

But, you can go the other way! To achieve all the forces of control and power in relationships.

For this, it is advisable to get involved in any project at any... to get a job to have children... Better if it will be anything long lasting.

Important in this business the following!
1. To commit themselves. Preferably bigger.
2. Promise to fulfill them.
3. To convince the partner in their reliability, commitment, high motivation.

All! Then you can start to act!

1. Regularly late, it does not take the phone.
2. Do not reply to SMS in social networks. Aerobatics is, in General, to remove your profile when you "napityvajut".
3. "Sick", "leave", "not being able to drive" it was in the days of Abraham.
4. Personally adjust the duration of their time, and suddenly realizing that "for those pennies to work" and "at the amount that I paid, everything was worked out".
5. If it is about child support, you pay ONLY after polite! request: "send money." In this case, it is better to not pay on the agreed day, and in its sole discretion. Even better to pay every month and not the entire amount by subtracting the money spent on children in the days of the meetings.
In General, you must do EVERYTHING necessary to make your partner realize HOW he needs you! All right! And let it be! And let the "crawl", the Tyrant (Tirania)!

the Main thing is to stick to a clear line of conduct: to keep your distance, "not remove" offended face "Victim", remember that "you're a Star" and demand to be treated accordingly. It is advisable to bring his opponent to the loose condition with frequent tantrums in your address.

When it is necessary to gather public opinion indifferent and decrying the unfair behavior towards you. This is a must! People need to know how you are oppressed, you suffer. You just have to reveal to the world the true face of your abuser. And here without the "Karpman's Triangle" is not enough. Fortunately, the Rescuers is always there. And...we all know in whose hands the power... do Not have the same slug "Tyrant".
Quite a long time the feeling of power and control from the realization that all the "reins in your hands", is what is called "warm the soul". Only bad thing... self Esteem never rises. And more and more requires a confirmation to believe in its importance.

will Have to play the story with different people, rushing like tumbleweed from one "Tyrant" for another. What to do? The mask of "Victim" thing preluca... Those with whom you are trying to lose their "Drama" will come around and try to bring with you to the formal, but rather to a "no."

Stroganova Elena
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